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On October 1, 1996, one more very good thing for consumers, local and national advertisers will make it's FIRST "official" public appearance on the World Wide Web.
Like so many good things the sooner YOU recognize the value and opportunity the sooner you'll begin to reap the benefits, and there ARE a number of benefits to be received by those who ACT NOW !
Please follow carefully the following presentation of the "SoCoOL" Zip2 United States Yellow Page Presentation, and then ask yourself the simple question. Will this new source of Advertising exposure bring me prospects that I can sell? Will profits from these sales exceed the modest cost? If the answer is yes, then do yourself and your company a favor and SIGN UP NOW !
First, it would seem appropriate to ASK yourself the question, "Who are my prospects? Chances are you've already done that, or, you're in the process of "becoming" a SERIOUS ADVERTISER. ( A person or business who recognizes that properly executed advertising generates prospects and sales at a profit, and does as much of it as he/she profitably can.)
Second, since the Zip2 U.S. Yellow Page Directory is located on the INTERNET, are there sufficient number of my prospects on the INTERNET, who will access this directory, and purchase my products.

If you're not already familiar with the demographics, there are currently an estimated 40,000,000 INTERNET users, in the U.S. alone. The "local" demographic in the United States can include as much as 25% of your local market. INTERNET usage numbers more than doubled this year, and, you can expect this EXTREME GROWTH to continue. There are currently an estimated 700,000 businesses on the World Wide Web. This too is a number that is growing exponentially every day.

As for today, the profile of the INTERNET user is EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE. Income in excess of $50,000/year, 2.7 members per average household, avg child age = 13 years, growing closer and closer to 50% male/female, educated and education oriented ... these people are progressive consumers.

And they're constantly asking and having their desires answered, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could do that on my P.C. !"

But, hey, we shouldn't have to tell YOU that .... YOU'RE ONE OF THEM.

As you follow along with this simple demonstration, we'll give you a choice. Take the tour of the "SoCoOL" Zip2 INTERNET Yellow Page Directory System, as a customer, looking for your product or service .. or take it as a prospect. Do both if you wish.

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