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State Championships

California State Yo-Yo Championships ...
At The Cannery ...
in San Francisco !!!

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The Yo-Yo Pages

Just Say Yo ! The WWW's First Known Yo-Yo Page
Index to Yo-Yo Pages
SoCoOL Pages Are Worth Waiting For
Yo-Yo Events
SoCoOL Makes Committment to Major Goal
Post Yo'er Yo-Yo and Other SoCô¿ôL EventSoCô¿ôL Interactive Yo-Yo and Other Things Events Calendar
Engage In Some Enlightening ConversationsThe SoCô¿ôL Yo-Yo And Other Things Web Board
Yo EMail !!!
The American Yo-Yo Association
The History of the Yo-Yo
The SoCoOL YO-YO Hall of Fame
Dale Oliver ... Yo 'Chairman of the Board'
Captain Yo ... Don Watson ... Real Audio
The Most Famous "Yo-Yo" Man
The Two Dales
1996 World Freestyle Champion ... Dale Myberg
"Dr. Yo"
Introducing Dr. Tom Kuhn
The Yo-Yo Masters
Bill De Boisblanc ... New Master
Yo-Yo EMail Address Book
Just Say Yo Christmas

1997 National Yo-Yo Championships
Jennifer Baybrook, 1997 National Yo-Yo Champion
1997 National Yo-Yo Championships Contest Winners
1997 National Yo-Yo Championships ... Special Champions
Pictures from the 1996 National Yo-Yo Championships
The Night Before
Yo-Yo Champions
More Champions
U.S. National Yo-Yo Champion
Here Comes Alex !!!
Results of the National Yo-Yo Championships
Complete List of Tricks Used in 1996 U.S. National Yo-Yo Championships

April 4, 1998
Japanese National Yo-Yo Championships
February 14, 1998
The First Annual Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championships
Greater Washington D.C. Open

Yo For It ... Dale Oliver Video
See The SoCoOL VideoYOs
Dale Oliver's Yo-Yo Fun and the Science of Spin
Invite A World Champion To Your P.E. Classes !!!
Quadruple the Fun and BECOME A SPONSOR
SoCoOL "Nearly" LIVE at the 4th Annual Western Regionals
Pictures of the 3rd Western Regional Yo-Yo Championships
Notes From The Third Annual Western Regional Yo-Yo Championships
Yo Notes
The 2nd Western Regional Yo-Yo Championships
Results of the 1995 Las Vegas Championships
Yo-Yoer's In Black
Yo In The Park
Top Ten Reasons For Prefering a Yo-Yo
A Visual Representation of Ten Yo-Yo Tricks

Yo-Yo Links From "Around The World"

The SoCoOL Yo-Yo
The SC-2 Terminator Tornado
The TorchThe Torch
SoCoOL Yo-Yo Order Form
Ball Bearing Yo-Yo's

What's Next Mfg, Inc, Tom Kuhn's Yo-Yo's
No Jive 3 - in - 1 Yo-Yo
Tom Kuhn Ball Bearing Yo-Yo's
The "SoCoOL" Tom Kuhn SB-2 Ball Bearing Yo-Yos
BC Yo-Yo's ... The World's Greatest Wooden Yo-Yos

The Viper ... Adjustable Gap, Ball Bearing, Rubber, Butterfly Yo-Yo
Other Yo-Yo Manufacturers, Sales and Information

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