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Just Say Y !!!


Just Say Y Newsletter
March 6, 2001
2700 plus subscribers

At long last ... after a little over a month ... we've got the software
fixed to deliver the mail ... Just Say Y Newsletter that is. Our
apologies to those who may have gotten our last attempts. THIS ONE COUNTS


The big news of the day is that SoCL and  Just Say Y have 
completed editing of four broadcast half hours of the 2000 National 
Yo-Yo Contest, AND, for the first time, we are making copies of 
these original broadcast videos available to the general public.  


This has been a labor of love and appreciation and has yielded a 
result NEVER BEFORE SEEN in the yo-yo world.

Talk about entertaining.  Whether you are a yo-yo fan today or not, 
these half hour broadcasts will entertain you for many years to 
come.  If you were there, yo'er likely to see yo'erself somewhere in these
videos ... if you were not there ... it's going to feel like you were.  

We took three cameras with us this year, two broadcast cameras 
from the Community Media Center in Santa Rosa and one 3 Chip 
Digital Camera. We captured over 12 hours of raw footage from 
"The Gong Show" the night before to the sidelines, to the 
compulsory competitions held on many side stages, to the 
demonstrations of each trick done correctly, to the two handed tie 
breaker to the final freestyles.

Our editing was done mostly on Santa Rosa's A/B Roll editing 
system.  This editing system allows us to weave the shots from 
one camera seemlessly and sometimes dramatically from one shot 
to another.  To a real fan the long shots are GREAT .. but the 
closeups are even more spectacular.  

We don't narrate, we don't comment, we don't interrupt ... rather we let
the announcers voice introduce what's happening and substitute great video
and freestyle music to entertain you with everything that's going on. 

You can see a detailed description of each half hour by visiting our Best
Ever Event Videos pages at:


A video like this has NEVER been done of any Yo-Yo Event ... and 
.... may NEVER be done again !!!


On a similar front, we are still pursuing our goal of broadcasting 
these videos to at least 100 Community Access stations this year.
We're broadcasting in 7 Northern California Communities now and 
have three more ready to go.

By far, the MOST DIFFICULT thing we've had to do is to solicit 
paying sponsors.  It isn't like 'the old days' for SoCL Bob.  
When I did my first television production in 1975 or so, there were 
only 6 or 7 stations on anybody's television set.  In those days, it was
difficult to impossible even to get a baseball game on TV. I could walk
into ANY BUSINESS, announce that I wanted to speak to someone about having
one of their people on television and their entire world would immediately
come to a stop.  Getting on TV was a sign that you had somehow arrived.  

It still is a sign today, a meaningful one in my opinion, but now 
there are 75 to 100 stations in many cable markets.  Now .. 
EVERYBODY is on TV .. aren't they ???  If not, why not ???

Many of the ideal prospects for sponsoring such a series of videos 
are not reachable. They are yo-yo companies who may have come 
on board to enjoy 'the boom,' and now are losing money or have 
disappeared. They are toy stores who never did interact with their 
audience and who relate these videos only to the state of their 
current yo-yo sales. They are corporations who make their 
decisions from miles away, months in advance, for a LOT MORE 

Many smaller businesses ASK .. who's going to watch ? ... and 
can't really translate what it means when I tell them that last 
Tuesday's show generated approximately 1100 additional unique 
visits to our websites. 

So be it.  Does this mean we're giving up?  Not yet !!!

When I look at these videos and the reactions of others I smile and 
feel good inside because:

1)  I believe that the skills being demonstrated today deserve to be
captured and enjoyed.  Just think .. every year skilled yo-yo players of
all shapes and sizes make their pilgrammage to places like Chico ... for a
chance to hang out with other great players .. and to show off the best of
what they can do.  And who sees it ???

2)  Nobody gets killed in these videos.  Nobody gets hurt.  While 
we may bicker and/or argue and/or display our differences in other 
ways ... everybody becomes one at least for the moment at a yo-
yo contest.

3)  Because I JUST LOVE it when someone watches even one of 
these videos and responds without quite knowing why ... that was 
REALLY GOOD !!!  No words .. just joy.

You can continue to help !!! You can continue yo'er kind words of 
encouragement by email and in other ways.  You can check out 
yo'er local community to see if it's even possible to air this now 
growing series of videos [we've got 15 half hours 'in the can'] in 
yo'er town.  You can examine and/or communicate to small 
businesses near you that this might be an excellent way to 
communicate with their audience ... it still comes out to a fun and 
positive half hour IN PRIME TIME.  You can communicate with us 
to tell us what you find.

And now, you can purchase a copy of these four half hour 
broadcasts for yo'er very own.  These are the kinds of videos that 
you will enjoy over and over and over again ... and so will yo'er 
family and friends.

Keep Yo'er Eye on the Prize, Never Give Up, Can't Wait 'Til Next 
Year and Order Yo'er Copies Now !!!


Bob Kennedy
SoCL Bob
Just Say Y !!!


P.S.  I'll be gone for 6 days, March 9 - March 14 covering the Pomona Toy Show .. 
so don't panic if yo'er email doesn't get answered right away.

Just Say Y !!!
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