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Just Say Yô¿ô Newsletter
February 9, 2002
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Every once in a while I came up with something that I think might be of
interest to this 'ancient' email list. Hard to believe that once was
regular communication has become seldom, if ever. Hopefully, the quality
is still the same, when I send it.

Together We Win - Michael Pritchard - The Human Race is a little Real
Video Clip I created out of our latest Santa Rosa LiVE !!! broadcast.  You
remember, me, SoCô¿ôL Bob.  The guy who 'believes' in self-improvement and
success principles;  the guy who believes that the quality of life and
yo'er activity is significantly improved when we get 'outside ourselves,'
pursue something bigger and better, etc.

That's the way I feel about how we all improve our lot.

I'm One In A Million.
Yo'er One In A Million.
Together We're One In A Million

Take a look at what Michael has to say about, ''Together We Win.''

Together We Win

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND you consider downloading the new Real One Real
Player [also, a link on the home page.]  I don't know what they do when
they do these upgrades. That's not my thing. All I know is this one seems
to play a lot better than the last one ..... and that's a good thing.

It's really a pleasure to have the opportunity to 'capture' a powerful
speaker like Michael Pritchard ... to excerpt just a little clip that
highlights a portion of his message ... and then present it to others to
hopefully be inspired by his words.

While yo'er visiting the site, you might also check out some of our other
latest and greatest 'home videos.' Sean Bressie and I also did a WHOLE LOT
of fiddlin' around with the cameras and the sound at the 2002 Oldtime
Fiddlers Contest in Cloverdale.  This week's Santa Rosa LiVE !!! hopefully
puts the lie to the rumour that you can have too much fiddlin ô¿~  Not at
the Oldtime Fiddlers Contest.  From 5 to 95 they came, they fiddled and
strummed and clogged and just had one heck of a good time.

Oh, and you may notice, a couple of programs back, a Jon Kennedy
performance giving thanks for his yo-yos ô¿~

Please consider participating, in whatever way you can, in supporting the
Human Race in your town, ''Around The World'' and, May 11 and everyday in
Sonoma County.  The Sonoma County Human Race is the number one fundraiser
for the Human Race nationwide. In it's 20th year, they consider this quite
a feet ô¿~  This year they hope to raise, for the first time, $1 Million
Dollars through the Human Race in Sonoma County.  We know they can do it,
because, if you've seen the video, Together We Win.

Together, Human Race participants support over 400 non-profit
organizations serving Sonoma County.
Bob Kennedy
SoCô¿ôL Bob
Just Say Yô¿ô !!!

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