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State Championships

California State Yo-Yo Championships ...
At The Cannery ...
in San Francisco !!!

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2000 Cal State Yo-Yo Championships
Just Say Yo Nationals Part I

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The Triangle of Success
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Happy Boys and Girls
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Just Say Yô¿ô Presentation of The 1999 US National Yo-Yo Contest
1999 San Francisco Yo-Yo Championships
Now Being Featured On Just Say Yô¿ô - The Yo-Yo Channel

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Happy Boys And Girls

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May The Force Be With You
Northwest Regional Yo-Yo Championships
Yoing At The X Games
Pacific Yo-Yo Championships
Western Regional Yo-Yo Championships
1999 US National Yo-Yo Championships
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The SoCô¿ôL Links pages have included many links to Yo-Yos on the World Wide Web .. and have been among the most 'attractive' links pages. However, for pure information and links, even SoCô¿ôL has got to say, it's YoHoo.


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World Yo-Yo Championships

When I Grow Up
Clint Daniel's Home Page

Captain Yo ... Don Watson
Captain Yo Reviews
"the Yonomicon"

To Purchase "the Yonomicon"

Congratulations to
  • Takumi Nagase 1999 AA World YO-YO Champion
  • Joel Zink 1999 A World YO-YO Champion
  • Alan Batangan 1999 AA US National Champion
  • Joel Zink 1999 A US National Champion
  • And 1,000's of YO-YO Contestants Worldwide

Episode Three ... The SoCô¿ôL / Santa Microphone

HPK Marketing Official Web Site

The Triangle of Success

The Triangle of Success

The Bay Area Yo-Yo Classic
SoCô¿ôL Bob At 3COM Park ô¿ô
Yo-Yoing Picture Contest ... Deadline September 15, 1998
As Good As It Gets ... at least for Yo-Yo Tricks on the Internet

Look At How 'The State of YO' is growing. Can you believe that in early 1995 we couldn't find any yo-yo links?
Posted June 22, 1995
SoCool's Yo-Yo Page
SoCoOL's Yo-Yo Index
SoCô¿ôL pages with midi sound
The SoCô¿ôL Yo-Yo Web Board
SoCô¿ôL Interactive Yo-Yo and Other Things Events Calendar

No Kidding ô¿ô  ... Because of Television ?


Check The "All New" American YO-YO Page
Download and Mail In Your Application
The AYYA Store

Alta Vista's Got Yo-Yo's
Yahoo's Got Yo-Yo's
Yo-Yo Trick Sheet
Yo-Yos In The News
Yo-Yo Clubs In The News
Duncan Promo .. Real Audio .. Transcript
Public Radio In The State of Yo ?

SoCoOLSoCoOL Amazon.Com

The 1997 U.S. National Yo-Yo Championships

The Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championships

The TorchThe Torch

Incredible Yo-Yo Images !!!

AWESOMERon Caswell's Yo-Yo Image Gallery

click here
for the latest news on Singapore yo-yoing http://www.cyberway.com.sg/~simax/index.html

Golden Apple Comics and Yo-Yos
Golden Apple Comics .. and Yo-Yos

Atom Yo-Yos

Live Yo-Yo Chat

Yo-Yo Bulletin Board
Yo-Yo EMail Address Book
Yo-Yo Who's Who

See The SoCoOL VideoYOs

Yo For It ... Dale Oliver Video

Teaching Science With The Yo-Yo

Quadruple the Fun and

Some sites are more important than others ... and ALL Sites are important because of the PEOPLE who produce them. Stuart Crump Jr. is another important person in "The State of Yo." As editor of the Yo-Yo Times Stuart is talked about and loved by many a yo-yo fan .... "Around The World." By the way ... as you will see when you visit .... the Yo-Yo Times is a Family Affair !!!
The Yo-Yo Times
The Hacker's Dictionary
Yo-Yoer's In Black

The Stringless Yo-Yo

Earl and Enzo's Yo-Yo Universe

Guess Who ?

Yoyos In The Leyada

A Transpersonal Psychological Perspective on the Use of Yo-Yos
Yo Yo Therapy ... and the relief of Stress
Yo-Yo Master J's Spectacular Yo-Yo Site
BC Yo-Yo's ... The World's Greatest Wooden Yo-Yos
Bob's Land O' Yo
The goal of this page is to provide the most comprehensive source of yo-yo links available.
Noble Disk All Yo-ing Web Site / Yo-Yo Newsletter back to 1990

The King's YeomanThe King's Yeoman

David's Yo-Yo Web Site
David's Yo-Yo Tricks

Dale Oliver's Yo-Yo Fun and the Science of Spin A Yo-Yo Champion Uses Toys to Teach Physics.

1996 U.S. National Yo-Yo Championships
Notes on the Western Regional Yo-Yo Championships
Slide Show From the 1996 Western Regionals
Yo In The Park
Introducing Dale Myberg
Introducing Dr. Tom Kuhn

YO-topia ... "Pookie Yo"
1997 Advanced Division World Champion, and President of the AYYA.
Yo-Yo Page From Ireland
Polish Yo-Yo Association
Brad Urani's Cosmic Yo-Yo Page
Includes a description of over 150 Yo-Yo Tricks.
Dave's Wonderful World of Yo-Yo's ... For The Collector
Jon's Yo-Yo Kingdome ...
David's Yo-Yo Web Site
The World's Largest Collection of Yo-Yo Links/Tricks
AWESOMELarry's Animated Yo-Yo Tricks
Ken's World On A String .. Including Yo-Yo Trick Videos
SoCoOL "The Bull's" Favorite Trick
Playmaxx Inc.
*** Collectors ***
Jason's JewelJason Colwell's Home Page
YO-YO Display Cases
David's Secret of Yo-Yo's
Princeton University's Yo-Yo Club
The History of Yo According to Princeton
Princeton's Yo-Yo Song
More Yo-Yo Clubs
Club Yo
Gregg's Yo-Yo Page
Tomer's Exotic Yo-Yo Page
Major's Yo-Yo Page
One More Yo-Yo Page Under Construction
Jeff's Yo-Yo Page
Yo Chat ?
The Yo-Yo Manufacturer's Page
Turbo Yo-Yo
Roman's Yo-Yo Pages
Singapore Yo
Infinite Illusions
Yo Mama Jokes
Chinese Yo-Yos
"SoCoOL" Yo-Yo Hall of Fame
The "SoCoOL" Yo-Yo's Certificate of Appreciation


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