SoCoOL YO-YO Hall of Fame

Dale Oliver
Creator Yo-Yo Fun & the Science of Spin
President, Spintastics Skill Toys, Inc.
Winner 1992 World Yo-Yo Championship
Founder and Former President of the AYYA

Dale Oliver entered his first yo-yo contest in his hometown of Kansas City at the age of 12. He became a part time "yo-yo pro" at 15 and began traveling full time for the Duncan Yo-Yo Company two years later in 1957. For the next 17 years, Oliver's yo-yo vocation took him throughout North America for a series of personal appearances. He starred in many TV commercials for two different yo-yo brands. He set up the Mexico division of Duncan Yo-Yo in 1973 and still does occasional work as a consultant on design and promotion for various yo-yo and string manufacturers.

In the latter part of 1995, he started Oliver's Toys and began the manufacturing of his own Yo-Yo, the Technic. IN 1996, he went into partnership with Val Krantz and started Spintastics Skill Toy, Inc. and has come out with more yo-yos, i.e. The Tornado ( ball bearing ), The Torch (lighted) and Tiburon, renamed the Tiger Shark before introduction in a 'poll' of the INTERNET. Dale is also the founder of the American Yo-Yo Association, one of only four holders of the coveted "National Master" Award, and much appreciated consultant to the SoCô¿ôL Yo-Yo Hall of Fame.

Oliver has invented several yo-yo tricks during his career, some of which have become standards, performed by yo-yo enthusiasts worldwide. With a repertoire of more than 200 tricks, he may be the world's most versatile yo-yo performer. Just watching Dale "practice" his many yo-yo skills is a treat worth experiencing, and he is a terrific instructor. He set his first world record in 1976 with a 45 second "spinner" and then beat his own record with 51 seconds, in 1978. During the California State Championship in October of 1991, a professor from the University of California, using a digital tachometer, timed Dale's spin in excess of 14.300 r.p.m --- almost 100 miles per hour.


Today, Oliver runs his Yo-Yo business in San Francisco, CA and travels extensively doing performances and school programs. In his business, he does school assembly programs on "Yo-Yo Fun and the Science of Spin" and follows up with clinics where he teaches the art of yo-yoing to more than 40,000 children each year. He was the first yo-yo pro to make an instructional video and is considered to be the premier yo-yo coach in the world. His video is used by schools and libraries in several states as an educational aid for the development of eye-hand coordination.

His spintastic performances can include yo-yos, spinning tops and diabolos. Demonstrating incredible accuracy, he strikes matches and removes coins from the ears of amazed volunteers with his whirling yo-yos. He can demonstrate his fantastic skills while totally blindfolded and for a finale launches the yo-yo over 40 feet in the air and lets it come down for a soft landing in his pocket.

Dale is presently involved in training other yo-yo players to duplicate his school program in their own states and has set up and runs annual national and international yo-yo competitions. His dream is to someday see the yo-yo become an Olympic event. While many speak of the revitalization of the Spirit of Yo, for Dale, the day of the Yo-Yo Pro has never been gone.

It is only fitting that Dale Oliver be the very first entrant into the SoCô¿ôL Yo-Yo Hall of Fame.

For information on the American Yo-Yo Association or booking a performance, you may Reply EMail, write directly to Dale at 439 Northwood Dr., South San Francisco, CA 94080, or phone (415) 871-4197.

December 21, 1998
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Dale Oliver
Winner of the 1992 World Championship

Dale Oliver's Yo-Yo Fun and the Science of Spin
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