Da BombDa BombDa Bomb

DA BombThis Yo-Yo Is Da BombDa Bomb

Ready for another breakthrough in The State of Yo ?
  • First, there was the shape. Yo-Yo's configured in a more aerodynamic way ... balanced.
  • Then there was the transaxle and ball bearing yo-yo. Spin time dramatically increased.
  • Now, there is an adjustable gap, at an affordable price. So you can quickly adjust the yo-yo to make it sleep longer, or loop better, or instantly be tuned for a begginer ... all with a twist of the wrist.

AND NOW .. The Cherry Bomb ..

The Cherry Bomb

Same dynamic features in a ****** shape. This yo-yo also comes with weight rings and a replacement wooden axle. Test yo'er skill and improve with The Cherry Bomb

********* Isn't that interesting. Over the last year or so or at least several months I've been receiving or someone has been attempting to have me receive a "special communication." I "think" I may have had phone calls that seem to come from some "marketing" source and got screened out. I know I had a postman attempt to deliver a certified letter ... I sort of systematically resist receiving such letters. Recently I received an EXPRESS MAIL PACKAGE which, according to the stamp, cost $16.25 to deliver. In the letter inside, from Nordic Group Of Companies, it explains that Nordic "is the parent company of Duncan Toys Co., a division of Flambeau, Inc. aka Flambeau Products Corporation," and "is the owner of the following federally registered mark;

"BUTTERFLY", #2338639 registered April 4, 2000 (first used August, 1954)

The letter requests that I "modify the website," which, according to the copyright notice below, I haven't modified since 1998, "no later than 30 days from the date of your receipt of this letter." "We would ask that any reference to yo-yo shapes similar to Duncan's Butterfly (registered mark) yo-yo be modified to "Flared Gap," or some other notation referencing shape of yo-yo."

The letter is signed ... Sincerely, Sonja A Stauffacher ... Corporate Marketing

OK ~

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