Ball Bearing Yo-Yos

The emergence of the Ball Bearing Yo-Yo has added a dimension to Yo-Yoing that cannot be denied. The presence of the Tom Kuhn Wooden Ball Bearing Yo-Yo's, as now manufacturered by What's Next, Inc. has had, will have, and should have a significant impact on the State of Yo !!! These really are The Best Yo-Yo's on Earth, and add a special measure of beauty and performance that every other quality yo-yo can compare themselves to.

Roller Woody
The easiest way to write an advertisement for the Roller Woody is to pick one up. The look and especially feel of the wood is unmistakeable. Just one or two throws and any yo-yo player or wanna be player will instantly know this is something worth getting used to. There will always be something special about having your own Roller Woody.

One customer in Arizona wrote:

"It is absolutely amazing what one can do with such a fine instrument. It is the Stradivarius of yo-yos."
It has a classic look and feel, but spins up to 10 times longer than other wooden yo-yos. Watching and feeling Roller Woody spin is a calming and centering experience. It looks so much like the classic wooden yo-yo, but it spins so smooth and soooo... long ?



To Order Just Say Yo !!!

To Order Just Say Yo !!!

The World's Best Yo-Yo !!!
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