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Born sometime in June of 1995 ô¿~
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The original idea for the title of this page, Christmas in July, came from my head. I guess that means it could have come from anywhere. In my mind it was and is an appropriate way of Celebrating that notion often spoken or felt on that other Christmas Day, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could celebrate the spirit of Christmas All Year 'Round? We can. And we can Celebrate a day created in that spirit ô¿~

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How long until Christmas in July ???
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Christmas can mean a great many things to a great many people. . Every year throughout North America and around the World, the spirit of Christmas comes upon us. Some might say " it rears its ugly head," others may be overcome by the "Spirit of Giving," and the special meaning of the One who's Birthday many celebrate on this day. Whatever your reaction, it is clear that you have one. Since we SoCô¿ôL ... ONLINE believe in "accentuating the positive," and similarly believe that anything you, we, or I can do once, we can do twice, we proudly announce, Christmas in July, in the hopes that the positive spirit of Peace, Joy and Festivity might better extend throughout the year, and Around the WORLD .

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P.S ... "In case you're wondering , this page was originally designed and published in July of 1995. Christmas is such a special time, spiritually, and physically, that many people have often expressed the thought ... " Wouldn't it be nice if the Spirit of XMAS could extend throughout the year. " What better symbol than celebrating this Special Day in July ... and publishing its celebration year round.

It also happens that SoCô¿ôL has a Special relationship with a fellow named Santa Claus. Last December, SoCô¿ôL Bob had the opportunity to "innerview" Santa. It was then, he first revealed that he thought it might be time for an upgrade. Things were moving so fast toward the 21st century. His sleigh was bumping into all kinds satellites and satellite dishes. Mrs. Claus installed a Peep Hole in their kitchen. The elves even created a "Virtual Santa Claus" tour through 'Cyberspace." With things happening so FAST it just seemed to him like Santa Claus ought to make the trip more often ... cause He could !!! The elves agreed it would only be appropriate for Santa to create his own Web Site. Now, there are a GREAT MANY SANTA CLAUS's on the World Wide Web !

Then, Santa ASKED the Doctor if he couldn't create a "form" so that children young and old could EMail him with their special requests for Christmas. Of course, the Doctor said he would, and HERE IT IS.

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In Sonoma County we like Christmas so much that we like to celebrate it All Year Long.

Thanks To William C. Ivey for Animating Our Old Christmas Lights
Thanks to "The Doctor" for Animating Our New Christmas Lights

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