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The Good Times

Christmas 2009

Creating Web pages is a little like, at least from what I am told, giving birth.
You don't think that all the pain is worth it until you see your creation.
The following is a chronological list of our latest and greatest creations.

The SoCô¿ôL Video Wall

Thumbs Up! Christmas In JulyChristmas In July
Send The SoCooL Christmas Video 2008 Preview As A Greeting Card !! ... Or This One

Making A Video Go Viral

Positive Internet Televisioin

SoCô¿ôL Video ClassifiedsSoCô¿ôL Video ClassifiedsSo Mooooving!!

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Your High Speed Connection

SoCô¿ôL.Com Has Been Online 10 Years On May 22, 2005 !!!

Positive Internet Televisioin

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