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Seems like as good a time as any to update "the vision thing."
Our Vision For Community Television

Years Past

IN years past, nearly 8 of them now, this page has been used to make predictions and put names on things we thought were happening now and what we thought, hoped, might be happening in the future. In many of those years those names and predictions were certainly accurate enough. In many of those years expectations were exceeded. 'Course I suppose that is the primary authors main point. If we do this right ... the vision thing ... we can even make a small difference in the way things turn out.


Since success for us is multiplying the number of things done right, it's good to know that thanks to previous visions there are a number of things we can do right today

The Vision Thing

More than any other time the time is RIPE for Yo'er Help !!!
to be continued ô¿~

Previous Visions ô¿~

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