September 2002

SoCô¿ôL has been on the world wide web for 7 years and a few months. In that time we've communicated in an historical array of ways with one and with several. The WHAT of WHAT we do today has changed, but the why for SoCô¿ôL Bob has not.

Today, Robert Kennedy along with co-producer Sean Bressie primarily concentrate their extra-curricular activities with producing television. The end result of the what's, why's and wherefore's of that activity means that a heck of a lot more people have and are being exposed to 'broadcast television.'

The basic ingredient for us is people. Straight, simple, pure. We like people. We especially enjoy the 'process' by which they do good things to create positive experiences ... and we like sharing them.

In the past two years Santa Rosa LiVE !!! has grown from a yo-yo show and an 8 minute memory, to a regularly scheduled new hour long broadcast every other week. Currently, our video making endeavors have concentrated and will continue to concentrate on producing and distributing that show locally. Gather up enough video clips, and you will see if you click on SRLiVE that the end result is already quite a show, on the internet, and that the probabilities are that it will continue to get better ô¿~

That's what our vision is ... this year and hopefully every year. We want to continually do one more good thing to improve our communication, to improve the quality and quantity of the positive experiences we can present to audiences .... with their equally positive participation.

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