November, 2001

It certainly has been a Wild Ride.

Since May of 1995 SoCô¿ôL has been publishing web pages on a wide variety of subjects. We have gone from a point where almost noone knew what the internet was to a point where over half the population uses it regularly.

Web publishing has gone from an extremely exhilirating, FUN and time consuming experience to WAY too much work, boring, NOT profitable, a little bit aggravating, etc. That's for me that is. What it is, has been, will be for others is as infinite as the number of others there are ... and still growing.

The technical aspect of what the internet, the web [two different things, I'm reminded], is, has never been my forte'. I remain most interested in the human being aspects of the internet. It was kind of nice when I could say 'This is the year of the animation,' or 'This is the year of the affiliate programs' or whatever. 'This is the year of in years past is being replaced with the answer ... This is the year of I Haven't Got A Clue ô¿~ I guess it always was, but now the internet most certainly is different things to a whole lot of different folks.

Since communication was and has been my thing, I can tell you that the quality of communication that existed for me in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and perhaps slightly beyond has actually decreased quite considerably. In the early days, I could look forward to meeting a new friend from somewhere, many somewheres' around the world, and it was great FUN !!! Kids, young and old, looking for answers, paying compliments, offering their own version of some one thing or another.

That was FUN !!!

This new world of communication has actually become quite sparse. While I now regularly receive 200 or more pieces of email a day, most of it is garbage. Very little of it contains the same kind and/or quality of communication I partook in before.

As a result, I am now spending a GREAT DEAL LESS time doing much of anything on the Internet. My love for communication now expresses itself primarily in working a 'regular job' on a daily basis and co-producing Santa Rosa LiVE !!!

The quality of communication producing television shows is different than it was as well, but it's still a great place to express one's profound respect and appreciation for the best in others ... so I'll continue to do it ... as long as I love it.

And you ... well, here's hoping you go on and enjoy 'The Year Of ... Whatever Your Heart Desires.' Here's hoping just a little piece of it every little once in awhile will always be SoCô¿ôL

Bob Kennedy
Your Host, Your Webmaster on SoCô¿ôL ... ONLINE

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