April, 200ô¿~
All Good Things Are In The Process of Doubling

It is particularly appropriate to update the SoCô¿ôL Vision page today.

and today ...

One of the most startling things about Triangle of Success is the way that it ACTUALLY WORKS.

The principles suggest that anything you do over and over again becomes a habit. Visualization, visualizing, is no exception.

It's been just about 5 years now since SoCô¿ôL began May 22, 1995 with 5 pages. In that span of time our site(s) have grown to approximately 1600 pages and still growing. Our vision of what was possible with the INTERNET has been EXCEEDED and we already had a reputation as a dreamer.

Today's ACTUAL State of Affairs finds SoCô¿ôL Bob sitting at his keyboard as the publisher/producer of an INTERNETATIONALLY INTERACTIVE television/internet network, and talking about growing. Not only that, but consistant with the notion that anything we can do you can do, we're not alone. Any number of folks worldwide are becoming more and more and more proficient at communicating on the INTERNET, publishing news and information of their own, selling products and services, creating web pages and video. These are all skills in fact that the computer industry has propelled fast enough to allow them to be achieved by a 10 year old boy/girl, without "that much difficulty." To be fair, there are still steps to be taken to improve each of our abilities to achieve what's possible. But, what's possible certainly ought to be appearing more possible than ever before.

See Bill Gates ... White House Conference on New Economy Panel 2

SoCô¿ôL Success TV

This year we have introduced the intimate details of some of our plans, our visions, and they look something like this.

  • We have the desire to and are currently creating and broadcasting programming that participates in providing a positive influence on the lives of a highly interactive viewing audience. That audience is and will be much more skilled at the 'little things' that it takes to communicate more effectively on the INTERNET. They will be comfortable with their email, comfortable with their surfing abilities, and, since we're talking about vision, they will be comfortable with downloading their favorite programming, including a whole variety of SoCô¿ôL and other folks videos ô¿~ IN other words, that'll just be normal.
  • At least a reasonable number of SoCô¿ôL visitors will be becoming more skilled at a process known as improving themselves and others. They'll certainly be becoming more skilled at communicating.
  • A growing number of people will be helping each other to achieve personal and mutual objectives.
  • Sound like a 'pipe dream.' Consider this ... all visions in the past have been met or exceeeded. That past experience would suggest that these expectations are going to be exceeded and as always we find that to be a very exciting prospect.

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