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At First
On May 22, 1995 SoCô¿ôL published it's first web pages. One of them was a vision statement similar to the one you see here.

" We're not the first, nor will we be the last. According to one source Web Sites are currently doubling in number, size and scope every 57 days, with an estimated one BILLION users by the year 2000. There is already a great deal to see and to enjoy, and now, we step forward to join the rest of our World Wide friends in a sharing of communication unparalleled in human history. ( I'm not sure that the one BILLION number hasn't been reached already ? )"

These are the words that began the SoCô¿ôL Vision Page, May 22, 1995. The fascinating thing is that the 'predictions' of even this 'practiced' progrnosticator were fairly quickly exceeded. The Internet as of this writing in June of 1999, is now a multi-million way street of however many proportions. New technologies have exceeded new technologies to the point that in the very real present web pages load extremely fast .. for some .. extremely fast compared to the past for almost everyone. At this writing, June 6th, 1999, High Speed Internet Connections far exceeding the 56k modem capabilities are going to begin to become commonplace for a significant percentage of the INTERNET population. Others may have to wait just a little longer, but it is coming, rest assured newer high speed connections will be coming to an INTERNET connection near you.

Whereas, previous Vision Pages spoke more clearly of the end result to 'society' if everyone were busy contributing, everyone is busy contributing to the Internet. The result is what you see today in that it seems almost 'everyone' has an 'internet' presence.

In a constant effort to 'keep up with the Jones' in terms of INTERNET production, it seems clear to SoCô¿ôL that Real Video, Digital photography and a variety of offsprings are clearly the way to go in the very near future .. certainly moments away in the 21st Century.

SoCô¿ôL has the desire to 'actualize' a personal notion of a 'new' television network ... founded on and incorporating the INTERNET as it's major broadcast 'weapon' .. to provide positive programming and coverage of everyday human beings doing positive things.

Toward that end SoCô¿ôL has participating in the production of one Worldwide Full Length Video, and several small productions leading up to the introduction of what we hope will be the "New" and Improved SoCô¿ôL Network.

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