Positive Internet Televisioin

The Demonstrated Progress Of The Past Is Phenomenal, Mind Boggling, Awesome, Understandable
The Progress In The Future Will Be Exactly The Same

Without question, one of the more important pages on SoCooL, one of the most important thoughts
that motivates the life of the constantly positive, constantly improving,
is the notion that A Small Change In Performance can and does
consistently, in an infinite variety of situations and can be achieved by anyone.

This particular page, on this particular day, celebrates the latest "manifestation" of this change,
as it relates to communications on the internet.

The constant change in speed of computers, the size of storage, the ability to transfer data
from one place to another, has led to the point that, now, billions of sources can create
broadcast quality video, pictures and sound and deliver them seamlessly to any other place.

  • Anyone who chooses to create this content can make it instantly available to anyone else.
  • This is true whether that content costs millions of dollars to produce, or pennies.
  • This is true whether that content has millions of dollars of value to another, or pennies.
  • The value of this communication is demonstrated in more than just economic terms.
  • This content can be used by anyone else to assist in the achievement of their worthwhile goals.

  • These changes have dramatically improved the results to be achieved by each of SoCooL's pages.
  • These changes have dramatically improved the results to be achieved by every human being.
  • The process that created these changes continues to improve.
  • Human beings will continue to set and achieve more and more positive and worthwhile goals.

    Including YOU !!

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