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May 22, 2005

The 10th Anniversary of the publication of SoCô¿ôL.Com. The Good News for this year is that it appears to SoCô¿ôL that another positive revolution is well underway. Another new moment, new improvements, new people, continue to improve the end results in the way we do things, in little ways that make things better, forever.

To what do I refer? Lots of things, of course, including, in this year's vision ...

  • a) High Speed Internet
  • b) Data Conversion ... Data Transfer

    10 years ago we got "complaints" that it took the pages too long to load ... because we were among the first to create and publish web animations.

    The lessons involved are exactly the same. Thanks again, Doc ô¿~
    Except the speed, the compression, and the amount of room available for storage has changed, dramatically. Are you viewing your internet videos in HD? Get ready.

    From this moment forward, all pictures, all sounds, are now being captured in more and more perfect forms ... to communicate their messages better. As people communicate better things, better things will be added. Things will improve. Each of us and all of us will continue to benefit from human beings .... doing one more good thing.

    Did you know our conversation and pictures are being recorded, stored, and will be replayable, forever, ON DEMAND? Congratulations on agreeing it's the best idea to record good things ô¿~

    {The Moment Of Achievement}. This young girl, while dancing, had once lost her balance and caught herself on the ground with her hands. This time, she caught her balance without touching the ground. This frame captures "the moment" she realized ... I DID IT! Successfully!

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