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Become More And More Successful At ANYTHING

Every Path Serves A Purpose
When The Student Is ReadyOnto The Setting And Achieving Of Positive Goals The Lesson Appears.
You'll Never Walk Alone!

Anything you can once, you can do twice. Anything you can do twice you can make a habit of.
Make a habit of success and you will be successful ... at EVERYTHING.
Thanks to The Power And Spirit Of God, New Technology, You Tube, Small Changes In Performance and Positive Goals, The Quality And Value Of This Message Has Improved Tremendously, Again ... And So Will YOU !!

You Can Achieve Anything !!!

SoCô¿ôL Bob has been observing, interacting, participating in the setting and achieving of positive goals for himself and others just about all his life. { Nov 19, 1945 - Present ) As a younger man {1972) he became inspired by a number of folks who made dramatic improvements in achieving positive things in several different areas of their lives. The important message that promised to be "proveable" was that ANYONE could learn and improve in many areas of their life ... AND ... that they could learn to do it over and over and over again to achieve ANY and MANY positive goals.

This Is The Best Success Program In History !!
(Way Better Than Anything That Could Have Been Designed ... Not That Long Ago)

  • This is the best success motivation program in the history of man/womankind.
  • This program follows ALL the successful formulas developed and demonstrated to be successfull in the real lives of real people.
  • It participates in the constantly improving programs developing now and will participate in improving programs that will develop in the future, including yours.
  • Never before in history has it been possible to create such a program.
  • Never again will the conception and achievement of positive and worthwhile goals be a mere maybe ... wonderful, but "only" a possiblity.
  • Human beings can and are setting and achieving more and more positive and worthwhile goals. This process will continue and improve.

    The Secret To Positive Programming

    This Program Is Free

    This program is an additional testimonial to the notion that everything necessary for the setting and achieving of positive and worthwhile goals is available to anybody, now. Freely. This program is an additional testimonial to the notion that a positive and worthwhile outcome for every human being is a matter of free choice.

    The Secret To Positive Programming

    This Is Me .. This Is Who I Am

    I Control This Is Me
    I Control Who I Am
    I Control Who I Choose To Be

    In taking this course "On Becoming A More Successful Human Being"
    I choose to follow a path to help me become better .. daily .. at setting and achieving positive and worthwhile goals.

    This is how it will be done.

    The Customized Video Players are designed to help me program myself for positive results.

    • I control which players I watch, in what order, which videos, etc.
    • I choose to control those players in a way that works best to help me set and achieve more positve and worthwhile goals daily.
    • I program these players and myself for success daily.
    • The results each day will demonstrate their value.

    Putting God First

    I will "typically" choose to begin with "My God Experiences"

    My attitude is always one of Thanks !!.
    Today is the day God has created.
    Today is the day I begin and end with Him.
    He will guide my path from the early, early, morning through the late, late night.
    I will receive and achieve His Plan.

    I will "typically" choose to proceed to "My Triangle Of Success"

    • Because It Works
    • Because as I visualize the messages I choose in "The Triangle"

      • I review the successes of others.
      • I visualize success for myself and others.
      • I arrive at my positive destinations on time.
      • I set and achieve many positive and worthwhile goals.
      • Today
      • I continue to improve on the habit I've developed.
      • I continue to get better at setting and achieving positive and worthwhile goals.

    You can follow these basics principles demonstrated by every successful human/woman in every successful activity. You can make a habit of following these principles. You can improve performance in one area, then another. You can improve performance in more than one area at a time. You demonstrate and reinforce these principles in yourself and others.

    Enjoy Your Positive Successes And The Successes Of Others

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