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On Our Television Show

We think theres more to do with

Community Television

We think the people who will do it are YOU

Wed like to help by highlighting and promoting

What We ALL Do

And Wed Like To Be On Yours

We think Community Television can do more to highlight the good things we and others do in our community. We think we can encourage and help others to do more good things, better, more often. In the past several days, weeks, months, years we have brainstormed, communicated, discussed, several possible add-ons to what we now do that might further benefit our community.


We need a NEWS SHOW whats happening in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County?

We need a place to INTERACT what is it? When do I get something to say about it?

We need several EVENTS SHOW whats coming up all over the county that we might like to attend or support what was it like? Why do we do these things anyway?

We need another RELIGIOUS SHOW Just Kidding ~ Certainly we need involvement of all kinds of folks and all parts of ourselves to help make the best whole. {Family, Business, Politics, Religion, Self, Health] We need more controversy ~ ???



We need to do more together. Independence is important and necessary but what is our goal and are we contributing to and benefiting from input from everyone?

We need more producers, more participants, great and small. We need to be better organized so that not only do we achieve and improve in our individual goals, but we also combine our individual efforts to produce an intelligible and meaningful whole. We need greater results in less time.

One of these days we need a GAME SHOW ~





Some of us need to get more comfortable in front of a camera


Thank Goodness We Finally Got


707 526-9696

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