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Series Status ~

Yep, it's true. Santa Rosa LIVE !!! has been accorded series status on Channel 72 Santa Rosa Cable. We will now appear regularly for at least an half hour, on Monday at 9:00pm and Wednesday at 8:00pm. Thanks to the Community Media Center for all their appreciation and help.

Santa Rosa LIVE !!! on the Loose in Sonoma County

The adventures of Bob and Sean this summer are really quite spectacular. Four days 'shooting' at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, three days at the Windsor Hot Air Ballon Festival, a day at the World Pillowfight Championships and a night of fireworks and some miscellaneous Sonoma County visits will offer you highlights, lots of them.

LiVE Buffalo !!!

  • LIVE Buffalo !!! - One of the truly GREAT PERFORMERS who resides in Sonoma County [for 29 years in the Valley of the Moon], Norton Buffalo presents an exciting foreground and background for our presentation of the Sonoma-Marin Fair. We got it ALL ... well, nearly all. From Norton Buffalo to Lee Ann Womack to The Coasters and the Jeff Tyler Band to Sally Taylor to the Amateur Talent Show to The Destruction Derby to some fabulous footage of many of the rides [from the ground ~] to barnyard animals to a search for hats to home ... whew.

  • The Amateur Talent Show - it simply wouldn't be fair, wouldn't be prudent, wouldn't be proper for us to have created so much footage of the Amateur Talent Show and not present it near it's entirety. Makes me think about a lot of things when I do. How important each and every participant really is. How for many of them this is there first or second appearance ever before a large audience or on television. How scarey it can be ... how exhilarating ... how disappointing. We're real happy to say that every contestant did a great job in helping to create a fun and entertaining television show.

  • The Destruction Derby - Oh SoCL !!! We introduced ourselves briefly to the folks at the Petaluma Speedway and asked if it wouldn't be O.K. to put one of our cameras out on the field behind the action. They suggested we could shoot from the camera stand if we wanted ~ Right there in front of God and Petaluma and everybody, including ALL of the smashing. There were a couple of times there when I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing for 'the cause.' While I was getting hit by speeding pellets of dried mud and or who knows what, you are getting to see ALL of the best footage.

  • The Windsor Hot Air Balloon Festival - I called up shortly before the event to ASK if Sean and I couldn't come by and capture footage of the festival. The lovely lady on the phone smiled, I think, and suggested we could come on Friday, media day, and go up in one. At first, the prospect of going up in a Hot Air Balloon was a scarey one, for me. Not Sean. He's apparently crewed and ridden in one many times. I had never been up in one, until media day. What a great experience and now you'll get to share in it. From the balloons seen from the ground to the balloons and sites seen from the air, we think you'll like this one.

  • The Kenwood World Championship Pillow Fights ... and Parade, and Fireworks etc. - When you're on a roll, you're on a roll, so the chance to take both our cameras to the Kenwood Pillow Fights was inescapable. We didn't get wet, but we sure got hot ... about 93 degrees that day, in the shade. Some other people got wet and muddy. You'll see some of that. GatorBeat was there. You'll see some of that too. We left early to take a nap and get ready for the fireworks ... in Santa Rosa !!!

  • The Sonoma County Fair We only took our cameras one day to the Sonoma County Fair this year, so naturally we couldn't capture everything. But, we did capture Elvis Presley (s), lots of 'em, and the Hall of Flowers, lots of people and rides, and SoCL Bob winning Third Place in the Sonoma County Fair freethrow contest ~

    Elvis 71 megs mpg
    Elvis Real Video

  • Really BIG Show ... Gravenstein Apple Fair, Muddy Rivers Review, Kiesha Wright as Tina Turner, The Vintage Festival and Grape Stomp, The Celtic Folk Festival, Wake The Dead, Comedy from Sweet River, Sonoma COWS !!!, Mumbo Gumbo and a whole lot more ...

Really BIG Show Real Video
Really BIG Show mpg 69 megs
Really BIG Show II Real Video
Really BIG Show II mpg 122 megs
Christmas In The Hood Real Video
Christmas In The Hood mpg 22 megs
Simply The Best ~ Real Video
Simply The Best ~ mpg 42 megs

Really BIG Show II Will Air On Channel 72 in Santa Rosa

  • Monday at 9:00pm ... November 12
  • Wednesday at 8:30pm ... November 14
  • Sunday at 9:00pm ... November 11 and 18

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All of these shows are brought to you in part through the hard work and joy of Bob Kennedy and Sean Bressie

Petaluma Community Access Channel 27

Santa Rosa LiVE !!! will also be airing in Petaluma on Channel 27.

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Producers Sean Bressie and Bob Kennedy

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