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With Midi Sound .. Take It With You With Midi SoundWith Midi Sound .. Take It With You
In the "old days" SoCô¿ôL really latched onto the notion that the internet could present pictures. We got involved with .bmps and .gifs and .jpgs, animations, {this is one of the first}, digital photography and eventually digital video. Kind of like a lot of people. Here's a look at our photo gallery ...mostly from just a little while back.

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SoCô¿ôL Spintastics Training Video
Chico '98 US National Yo-Yo Championships
Japanese National Yo-Yo Championships
The Bay Area Classic
SoCô¿ôL Bob At 3COM Park
Amboy Duke Reunion
Christmas Comes To Sonoma County
A Tribute to the American Wilderness Tour
SoCô¿ôL Nearly LIVE
The SoCô¿ôL Yo-Yo Hall of Fame
1996 US National Yo-Yo Championships
1997 US National Yo-Yo Championships
Universal Search Tool

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***** BIG MAC HITS 61 *****
***** BIG MAC HITS 61 *****

Road Trip
Max Bertola's Southern Utah
Arizona Highways Virtual Grand Canyon .. and more
Caroline's Photo Gallery
Tim's Photo Gallery
Jay's Photo Gallery
Dave and Deb's Photo Gallery
Tides Inn Photo Gallery
Historic Photos of Benecia
Wedding Photos
Michigan State
Harding University
Romp Photo Gallery
Coral Photo Gallery
A Photo Gallery ... Russian Club at Harvard

Santa Cruz Geek Photo Gallery
Cleveland Photo Gallery
The Clearing House
Solo Navigational Attempt
Aer Lingus
Earth and Moon
Circle The World
Digital Photography Exhibit
Third Eye
Ski Pictures

John's Ferret Photo Gallery
Dallas Cowboys
Follow Links To
Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska
Photo Gallery
Electric Postcards
TIME/LIFE Photo Gallery
TIME/LIFE Photo Links

LIFE Magazine Virtual Gallery
Sports Illustrated Photo Gallery
Photo Perspectives ... A Photography Museum
Edgerton Center at M.I.T.
Focal Point
Photo District News
Photo District News ... Hot Links
Photoserve Links
Introduction To Photography
Lots More Links

We can't expect to "compete" with this .... BUT .... this is ONE of the current standards by which the Web can be measured .... 24 Hours In Cyberspace .... A Compilation

Some things touch everyone

It took about 72 hours for the Internet to print accident photos of Princess Diana.

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