Wait for the Tree ... and the Presents
It's That Time of Year XMAS Tree Animation

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SoCô¿ôL Pages Are Worth Waiting For "CHRISTMAS IN JULY" Christmas In July
A SoCô¿ôL Christmas Greeting
Santa's Hot Links
Welcome To SoCô¿ôL

Got A Home Page ???

Right click with the mouse button, and download the Animated SoCô¿ôL Christmas Tree onto your hard drive, and You'll Have The "SoCô¿ôL" Blinking Christmas Tree. Thanks to generous gifts to "SoCô¿ôL," you can even put up the lights !!!

Put them on your website with links to SoCô¿ôL ... A Christmas Gift Please .... there are several great links, in keeping with the season, that we would appreciate.

  1. This Christmas Gift
  2. Christmas in July
  3. Santa's Hot Links
  4. SoCô¿ôL Christmas 2001
  5. And of course, SoCô¿ôL Celebrates The Spirit of Giving

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