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body: you keep saying higher power = DOH!

There is only one higher power = JESUS CHRIST The death, burial and resurrection = The Gospel ...

come by... for some real truth

Dear Jane ..

Thanks for yo'er response to SoCô¿ôL ???

I'm not sure which page on SoCô¿ôL you are referring to, and or which comment of mine or one of SoCô¿ôL's visitors ???

Yo'er comment, which is a good one, does remind me of my dearly departed Aunt.

Aunt Pat was a 'devout' extremely religious and dedicated Seventh Day Adventist. She could quote the Bible Chapter and Verse, and often did. She and her sister's were extremely influencial in my experience of Jesus Christ.

I recall that as a younger man, perhaps from age 14 or 15 to the age of 26 or so, I felt as though I fell away from my appreciation of the role of Jesus in my life. Certainly my closeness didn't feel for me the way it does today.

Somewhere in my role as a student and participant in The Dale Carnegie Courses, I was introduced to a little booklet .. "It Works." That booklet made a very good case, I felt, for the existance and use of a 'higher power' in the pursuit of one's goals. Because of the nature of the booklet, my involvement in what to me was a very strong growth path, I happily shared the 'information' I had received with my Aunt ... at least partially as a way of saying, you see dear Aunt, despite what appear to be yo'er occasional 'protest' (crititicism) that I 'ought' to seek God for more answers, all the answers in my life, my thoughts are becoming closer to that goal by my new found ability to 'accept' and pursue the notion of a higher power having a positive influence on my life.

This was not a point with which my Aunt would agree.

I continue to feel as I did in those days.

Faith, belief, God and Jesus Christ are certainly capable of being viewed as a 'progression,' both in our own lives and in the lives of others. I believe it was Jesus message to 'greet them where they are at ?' ( a bad paraphrase I'm sure ). The message, perhaps, is that it is important for a Christian, including Jesus himself, to recognize that not everyone is totally capable of seeing or accepting the power available to them.

Sometimes, perhaps often, we can best be lead by the limited vision we see.

The notion of a higher power, one that has yo'er interests and the power to serve and be served, is a great deal closer to not believing in any such thing at all.

The experience of what happens in your own life offers the learning and opportunity for new insite that I believe will inevitably occur.

While it may not be possible to experience what happens when one accepts Jesus into their life, it may be possible to test the waters, to progress toward that notion by first accepting the idea of a higher power and by experimenting with it a little to see the results.

I also believe in the words ... ASK and it shall be given unto you. One may not believe in the Jesus I know, but one can find out what happens when one ASKS. Ask the higher power to participate and it will. ASK Jesus to reveal himself and he will.

This has been my experience. The learning continues today.

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