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Intrigued by the Triangle of Success, fairly familiar with its components, but as always stumped by visualization. My imagination won't (or can't) see positive things for myself. For years I've wanted to lose weight for example but can't envisage myself thinner. I seem to have a saboteur in my head! How does one get past this without feeling all anxious as inevitably just the very idea of visualization seems to bring up in me. I seem to excel in imagining obstacles. Is there a way to bypass my fear or saboteur since it seems cleverer than my higher self (which I have no awareness of). Yes You Do ô¿~


Congratulations on your DESIRE to succeed.

The secret to success at ANYTHING is to do as you have done already. Have a goal as you have done and give yourself positive reinforcement for the steps you have completed successfully so far. Give yourself BIG TIME Credit for having the goal and begin to have faith that just that step will automatically put forces in power that will help you achieve it.

ALL skills are a progression. Visualization is no exception. You have KNOWLEDGE of what it is. Visualization is the ability to use ones mind to picture vividly, using all 5 senses, the situation as you would like it to be.

PRACTICE and give yourself credit for what you can achieve so far. Even if you can only picture yourself thin, for example, for 3 seconds, this is progress. Practice doing successfully what you can do so far and give yourself credit for your progress. 3 seconds today, 3 seconds tomorrow, will become a habit and lead to your ability to do it for 5 seconds the next day. 5 seconds today, 5 seconds tomorrow will eventually become a habit and lead to your ability to do it for 7 seconds and then for 10.

One SoCô¿ôL add-on is to practice these 5 seconds just before you go to sleep. Do it successfully for 5 seconds. When your mind goes off in another direction, take inventory, be aware, and do it correctly again. Not only is this VERY CONVENIENT practice time, but it will also set up your mind to practice while your asleep. You may be amazed at what happens in your dreams. Most people are.

One expression for what occurs is called 'going off for training.' Training your mind for where it goes when you are sleeping is definitely a process that can get you more and more in touch with your 'higher self.'

Success comes in CANS. Give yourself credit for ALL the things you CAN DO and make a habit of them.

BIG TIME CREDIT and CONGRATULATIONS for what YOU CAN DO. Believe it or not you are well on your way toward achieving your goal. Know too that your willingness to participate is also helping others to improve.

Bob Kennedy
SoCô¿ôL Bob

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