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Hi Bob..........

Nice to hear from you.

Live up here in Eureka so don't have the opportunity to see your show!

I have thought about you quite a bit as you were responsible for me getting on the net when I did. When you were at the station talking to me about the internet I had no idea what you were talking about but you were so enthusiastic I thought I had better learn. Started working on the site in late 95 but didn't get online until early 96. I now have about 1,000 pages and am the leading armwrestling site by far. Doing quite well, not from advertising or sales (sales of my products is pretty good) but by people contacting me for shows, sponsorships etc. I had someone do two pages for me at the first and then I have bumbled my way along gaining more knowledge all the time.

All I can say is THANKS BOB!!!!!! Don't know if I would have done it without you although this is probably a big surprise to you.

Best wishes,


Dave Devoto
United States ArmSports

Yo Dave ...


No, I wouldn't have known ... and you know what Dave ... that's the kind of thing that motivated me WAY BACK THEN .... and still motivates me today. The notion that someone, many someone's I hope, will be motivated to ACHIEVE just one more goal.

I saw the internet then as a marvelous communications tool. Little did most of us know how fast it would grow. I've continued to try and 'stay ahead of the curve' ... but who knew WHAT A BIG CURVE. Now, I'm still trying to do the breakthrough thing, and while surfing around caught and clicked on yo'er site ... AND .. you know what .. I was partially inspired today by the notion that I knew you and we had met ... that yes, I remember you talking to me about the INTERNET ... and yes, because I was able to see on the web page what you had done with yo'er little sport. It inspired me because I'm TRYING SO HARD to do the same kind of thing for the little sport I found way back in 1995.

And you know what got me involved in the yo-yos. John Stangle, of Santa Rosa, his ENTHUSIASM for the sport.

What a marvelous thing ENTHUSIASM ...

Maybe, Dave, we can continue to be inspired by our achievements and others. Maybe we can even get together on a project or just get together again some day. Oh, and you know what. Somewhere along the line John Stangle even told me that I helped inspire him.


Oh .. one more by the way ... you mind if I print this ??? I'll probably put it on the Bulletin Board and on Your Success Experiences pages.

Thanks DAVE !!!

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