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And thank you for your participation in the Triangle of Success.

What if the world ran the way you envision the Triangle of Success? More SoCô¿ôL Moments ô¿~

There are many interesting things that may occur for anyone taking the time to understand the principles underlying the triangle of success .... and then trying the action steps that allow them to improve, then using it again to continue in their growth. They can become quite good at it.
One of the expressions in support of the principles of success is, " Anything you can do once, you can do twice. Anything you can do twice, you can make a habit of."
What that means, is that if you apply the Triangle of Success to achieving results in one area, you can apply it in another area, and another. If you apply it, on a regular basis, to achieving one objective, you can apply it to achieving another, and another. Over and over and over again, until eventually you can become "pretty good at it." Isn't that, afterall, the essence of developing the skill at anything. Doing it over and over again until you become "quite good."

There are several interesting "ramifications" one might choose to consider, in terms of their own expression of "hope" for the World.

If the Triangle of Success can help you make you successful .... and one of the principles of success is that you use your skills, in exactly the same way, to help others, help others, then, over time, the world and its peoples could become quite a significantly different kind of place. In fact it does.

There is a catch, however. Several perhaps.

  • The Triangle of Success isn't a Knowledge. Oh yes, there are some facts and information related to how the Triangle of Success operates. But as the Triangle of Success itself suggests ... only about 10 to 15% of the results that "the world" will receive will be as a result of what "it" knows. The results to be achieved will rather be as a result of what it does. If you are to make a contribution to that end result, it will be as a result of what you do.

  • IF your "self improvement" depends, as the Triangle of Success most emphatically says it does, not on what you do wrong ... nobody's perfect .... but rather depends wholely and exclusively on the number of things you do right ... AND .... if the Number One Way to improve the number of things you do right is to reinforce them, emphasize them, reward them without regard to things done wrong, then that's the way that the growing people of the world would be treating each other.

    I'll leave it for you to decide if that's what all the peoples of the world are doing. It would be impossible to chronicle all the transactions that we see, view, participate in on a daily basis. The important thing to recognize is that those experiences have an impact on the way most people lead their lives.

    There is a saving grace however, to the way the Triangle of Success works.

  • It does not take a LARGE change in performance, to produce a BIG change in RESULTS. Rather, just as in the case of you as an individual, a series of small changes in performance, done on a consistant basis, on the part of a small number of people, could produce a GIGANTIC DIFFERENCE IN RESULTS.

    Consider the following small changes:

  • In a domestic dispute between you and your spouse, if you approached the transaction with the clear knowledge, based on your experience, that your spouse consistantly had your best interests at heart. That your spouse had clear knowledge of who you are, what you're about, what path you're on to achieve your own version of personal success. Suppose, even more importantly, that in this or any transaction, your spouse could be counted on to reinforce the things you do right, and contribute things of their own to add to the number of things you do well. Suppose also that you were in the habit of doing the same. Would the transactions between you be different, or the same. Would they have an impact on your family, your friends, your employer, your community and any others that you touch.

  • Would those results and others be improved, if for example, you knew that your employer, in considering any transaction, knew what you were about, what path you were on to achieve your own version of personal success, and could be counted upon to act in such a way as to reinforce the things you do right, and help you multiply those things so you could become more successful? And you could be counted on to do the same? And you both could be counted on to act to reinforce the good qualities in others?

  • If Republicans could consistantly be counted on ... to consider the good espoused by the Democrats? Do I need to say vice/versa?

  • If competitiors considered the growth process of each other, and were willing to help, at least, honestly wish the other the best.

  • If ....

    Is there a catch here, too? Of course, there is. The moment the process stops. The moment that some potential evil becomes emphasized in the mind of the viewer .... the triangle stops. Actions taken out of negative attitudes, out of fear, out of protection or even self defense, inevitably lead to reducing, rather than improving the situation. The more we follow this pattern of negative response, the worse it gets. It becomes a habit.

    The cure is not the thorough discussion, browbeating, or reaction to the problem. It is the same rule that works for the individual.

  • If ever you find yourself with a negative attitude ... about anything ... especially having to do with your own personal growth and the growth of others, the first act is to fix the attitude. This is a skill. It amounts to a simple thing and it works everytime. Think on Positive Things. Put that goal oriented triangle of yours at work to achieve an objective ... one step at a time ... by consistantly doing good things.

  • If you act out of a negative attitude, the chances are your actions will only make the situation worse.

  • Remember that as you become skilled at seeing the positive in things, you become better able to communicate those things in the aid of another. Consider this ... that every time you fail to operate your triangle on behalf of another ... you inhibit your own growth. Isn't that the way it works when you find yourself inhibited by the negative acts of another. The rule is that the mentor, pursuing quality ends on behalf of another ... grows at least three times as much themselves.

    And what is the act that will cause this growth. Giving the strengths you have in the aid of helping another "work" their triangle.

    Now that you understand the Triangle of Success and how it works, you know that the knowledge that you have acquired is relatively useless unless you what?

    Triangle of Success ONLINE Seminar"Triangle of Success" ONLINE Seminar

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