It's important because of how motivating it is. SoCô¿ôL Moment

It's important because of the number of applications it has for every human behavior.

It's important because lots of little things have a major impact on results.
Consider: Reasonable Doubt

Do you know a small action ... that if applied consistently ... can make a DRAMATIC Positive Change in a very negative person ... can reverse a very negative mood?

Think on Positive Things

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No matter what you think of yourself, no matter how large you consider your goal, you know you certainly can do little things to improve yourself ... your situation.
Do them long enough, consistently enough, and you will.
Constantly be on the look out for little things that can improve your situation.
Constantly be on the look out for little things that can improve the situation for others.
HIM/her ..... him/HER
Do you know how long several prominent, experienced, successful people suggest it takes to make major changes in one's behavior .... results ?
21 days ..... 90 days .....

Do it once, you can do it twice, do it twice you can make a habit out of it. Do it three times, it's a habit.

Do it on computer and the computer can make a habit out of it.

Each of us is just a few small changes away from dramatically improving our results.

We're interested in your reaction. Have you thought of a small thing you could do to improve your chances for success in the future ? Would that improvement make a difference to you ? Is it worth your time and effort to give it a try ? Will you tell us what happens ?

Where in the WWW is Jonathan Livingston Seagull ?

What will be the results if I set a goal and take small action steps, on a consistent basis, to achieve it?

Your Success Experiences

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