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"To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is, "he said, "you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived . . . . "

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The Triangle Of Success

The first time I heard of this concept it was attributed to the Harvard School of Business. Over the years, I've come to observe and it has become a major theme of SoCooL ... that ...
successful human behavior, philosophy, theory, practice, has many demonstratable similarities "across the board" of many activities and/or across many "sources" of "inspiration."
A central notion, a common thread, is that the RESULTS that each of us achieve in several areas of our lives will be directly and proportionately attributable to 3 different and common aspects of our lives.
A portion of these RESULTS would be because of our
... What We Know
A portion to our
Skills ... What We Do
And a portion to our
Attitudes ... How We Feel About Things

As it was described to me, only about 15 percent of the RESULTS each of us would achieve would be because of our KNOWLEDGE .... the concepts, principles and ideas that related to whatever it was we wanted to get done. Whether it was golf, or occupation, or community or family, our SUCCESS at ANYTHING would only be achieved to the tune of about 15% based on what we knew..

85% of the RESULTS we would achieve in our life would be because of theTHINGS WE DID and our ATTITUDES.

Implied was the notion that this was a process over which we could exercise CONTROL to improve the way we approached achieving things and improve our results.

For the past twenty years or more, I have carried on what to me has been a totally fascinating real life experiment with the use of these principles to help me get things done. I now share these principles, along with some of experiences from myself and others, in the hopes that you may find them even one-tenth as valuable at acheiving positive results as I have.

By the way .... any results that YOU DO achieve as a result of learning these concepts will be directly attributable to something YOU DO and The Power that makes it All work.

To Achieve Your Goals

The process of SETTING GOALS is a process about which much has been written. A significant portion of the "beauty" of TODAY is that the "information" is so readily available, in so many forms. In my personal experience, working with many hundreds of different folks, I have discovered a simple fact. Many people do, consciously SET GOALS. Many more don't. The thought here is that the "DOING" ACT of Setting Goals can dramatically improve results achieving anything ... AND ... that this "phenomenon" is demonstratable and proveable by anyone.

The act of SETTING A GOAL is a relatively simple one. The essence of this ACTION is to take control over the mind, and tell it WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE.

Whether it's the simple act of hitting a golf ball ... making a speech ... changing a diaper ... or becoming President ... the process begins by SETTING the GOAL ... vividly and specifically IN YOUR MIND. VISUALIZE doing the thing you want to do. PICTURE IT IN YOUR MIND ... as though it were so. Experience the activity, in detail. If you do not yet know all the details, cannot yet picture the act or acts done PERFECTLY ... the process itself will begin to work to supply the missing detail. Indeed .... this is why it works.

The mind is capable of visualizing, as though it were so, virtually any possible condition. Once it has a grasp of the experience you seek, it is capable of formulating a path to that experience, making corrections as it goes. Improve the minds picture of the experience you desire and you improve the actions necessary to make that picture a reality. SET GOALS ... VISUALIZE!!!


I attended Grammar School, High School, College, and a College of Law. I worked at some job or another, participated in various activities, from the time I was 14. A great many of these activities, were, I was told, designed to help me "Become A Better Person," yet, I do not recall being consciously exposed to this principle until I was 26 years old. When I was I knew that this was not simply an idea to be accepted or rejected, but one that needed to be tested. The only way I would know if it were true for ME, would be to TRY IT OUT. Because I was extremely interested in Becoming a Person who got things done, I began to test it in a GREAT MANY WAYS. The most vivid of those experiences follows:

From the time I was a teenager, I enjoyed the activity many young people will forever enjoy ... swimming. I wasn't a great swimmer, nor did I have any great desire to be. I just did it for fun. One of those fun activities was the act of doing a flip off the diving board. I'm sure whatever I did wasn't pretty, nor was it ever meant to be. It was just FUN experiencing the thrill of tumbling head over heels and eventually into the water. I enjoyed it ... BUT ... there was still one more thing I wished I could do ... a one and a half.

I saw other people do it. The thought of tumbling head over heels over head, eventually landing head first into that same pool was MOTIVATING. Yet in several years of trying I had never been able to do it. Once I discovered GOAL SETTING and Visualization I decided ... why not give it a try.

I was reading a book called Psycho-Cybernetics at the time. In that book, it described in great detail exactly how to USE this principal. It spoke of sitting in a chair, closing your eyes, and picturing that better golf swing. Feel the swing, the arms. Hear the rustle of your clothing as you first take the club back, then bring it down. Hear the crack of the club against the ball. Watch as the ball leaves the club heading straight and true to its eventual target. Watch as the ball lands just three feet from the cup ... then silently rolls in. Smell the infusion of the environment as you SIGH with Satisfaction ... HOLE-IN-ONE !

If it worked in golf, why not diving ? I began to try it. Sitting in my chair in my apartment in Sacramento, CA., I began to picture the move. Head over heels over head, hands outstreched, splash. Yet, when I actually tried to perform this "simple" act, in real life, I couldn't do it.


Gradually, the pictures became more elaborate, the experience more real. One night, I decided to perform this VISUALIZATION, before falling asleep. As my mind continued to work on this picture the scene became more elaborate. There I was ... standing on the rocks ... 150 feet in the air ... above a swirling pond in Acapulco. I even found I could "program" these pictures into my dreams. This was FUN !!! But ... still ... I could not successfully complete the desired deed, in real life. I just couldn't seem to muster the COURAGE necessary to force that last part of the move ... heels over head. I continued to be AFRAID to actually Do It.

One final thought entered my mind that eventually would lead to SUCCESS. Why not perform this same visualization while doing the dive. Picture the act, as I had done so many times before ... while actually performing the dive I could do. Don't even try to make it happen, just visualize it ... while doing a normal flip ... and see what occurs.

As I walked along the board in my normal way, I began to run this tape of performing a one and a half. Even though, I had no intention of trying to perform it, to my amazement, my mind seemed to take over my body. As my heels came down to the normal position for completing the flip, my mind was running the tape of continuing, head ducked down, heels over head, and my body was following. My God, I was DOING IT !!! Splash !!!! My God, it was DONE !!! I landed head first ... never consciously making the decision to do it ... never consciously having overcome the FEAR. Amazing !!!!


Try It !!! On Anything !!! You'll find out IT WORKS FOR YOU. It will help you GET THINGS DONE !!! Once YOU have experienced that IT WORKS, you'll be able to experience it again and again. That IT WORKS will even have a dramatic impact on the things YOU DECIDE you want to do ... because you will know that if YOU DECIDE ... YOU CAN GET THEM DONE !!! Now, Who's IN CONTROL

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The Key To Achieving Results At Anything Is
Consistently Doing One More Good Thing

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

This program will help you become more successful when you set a goal you want to achieve and take the action steps necessary to achieve it. As you become more familiar with the simple concepts contained in the Triangle of Success, you will discover ways to improve your results at anything. Each new success becomes a repeat performance, demonstrating to yourself and others your ability with these principles.

Normally, the Triangle of Success would be conducted as a "group meeting." A meeting of different people, each desirous of improving their results in some aspect of their lives. In a very short time, each participant would have an opportunity to discover each of the simple principles ... have an opportunity for the instructor, or trainer, coach or group leader ... to demonstrate how the Triangle has worked in the past, from their own experience, and then help each participant develop ways to use the Triangle to achieve new successes, now and in the future.

When first introduced to me, there was much debate about the relationship of skills to attitudes. Over the years that I have worked with Triangle of Success, with myself and my own goals, as well as with the goals of others, I have discovered what seems to me to be a simple relationship between skills and attitudes. Having a good attitude is a skill. Doing good things is a skill as well. Like other skills they can be learned and become a habit.

Whether you get any of the words that are written here ... whether you understand completely the experiences of the instructor, other participants, even some of your own experiences, you will begin to improve your results if you simply do these two things.

Set A Goal

Set a goal ... to test this program ... to test this concept .... to become familiar with how it works ... to achieve higher goals.

Take Action

Take the action steps necessary to move toward achieving it.

For example. Suppose you notice that upon setting this goal, you experience doubt or fear or some other potentially "negative" attitude. The first step ... the absolute first step ... is to do that which will help you to become more positive. Think on Positive Things ... It works every time. Think of the reasons why you might be able to achieve it. think of other things you've done successfully before, think of others you know who have done the same. Think on positive things, and, as your attitude improves do One More Good Thing.

Set A Goal ... Commit to an Action Step to move you closer to achieving that goal. Do one more good thing and send it EMail. I'll send it back to you and we'll both see how you do!


*SoCooL is committed to doing SoCooL's best to assist in a process to help self and others set and achieve more POSITIVE GOALS! We offer this EMAIL link to give YOU an opportunity to do, once again, what has helped and will help YOU do the most good for yourself and others ... Set The Goal!

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