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Born: November 19, 1945 ... Saginaw, Michigan
Graduate: Hillsdale High School ... San Mateo, CA 1963
Graduate: San Jose State University ... San Jose, CA 1968 Bachelor of Science - Business
Almost Graduate: Hastings College of the Law ... San Francisco, CA 1970
Family: Son Robert Jr. "Malcolm" (31) ... granddaugher Fiona Seraphyn
Son Jonathan (21)
Father: Melvin H. Kennedy Step Mother: Peggy

Personality Profile:

( Courtesy Rollings Associates - Prevue Assessments International, Inc. (C) 1994 )
Mr. Kennedy General Ability Score is at the highest level.

  • Mr. Kennedy is quicker and more accurate in reasoning skills than 93% of employed adults.
  • He is generally quick to learn and can absorb new information easily.
  • He is likely very efficient, able to deal well with change in his working requirements and cope with conditions of high mental workload.
  • He shows an extremely high capacity for Numerical Reasoning ... quicker and more accurate than the majority with his capacity to reason with information.
  • His scores indicate a well above average level of ability to use language as a vehicle for reasoning and problem solving.
  • He is extremely quick and accurate in his language skills.
  • His scores indicate exceptional skills in spatial ability.
  • Mr. Kennedy is motivated to work with people. Mr. Kennedy shows a higher than average level of interest in work which involves dealing with people. He is likely to be dissatisfied if people interaction does not play a major role in his career.
  • He is both flexible and spontaneous; therefore, he works well with change and innovation.
  • Mr. Kennedy appears to be an extremely rational, assertive and outspoken person.
  • He sees himself as an original and innovative thinker. As far as he is concerned, the rules are subject to interpretation, and unforeseen developments are more likely to stimulate than intimidate. Individuals like this will often seek new ways to solve problems rather than follow established methods.

Significant Achievements:

Mr. Kennedy became a Certified Dale Carnegie Sales Course Instructor. His involvement with Dale Carnegie included training others, and himself, in Management, Public Speaking, Sales and Human Relations

Mr. Kennedy wrote, produced and hosted ... " ON BECOMING A MORE SUCCESSFUL PERSON" ... a public speaking, human relations, self-improvement course produced for cable television. Included in the marketing of that program was "one of the first"

INFOMERCIALS ever produced. Before that time, it would have been considered "illegal" ... to broadcast a 30 minute "commercial."

Mr. Kennedy also co-hosted " San Francisco Live " on Channel 20 in San Francisco ... where he co-hosted, co-produced, and appeared on camera in the live production of most of the commercials.

What at one time might have been considered his one shot at "the really big time" occurred when a Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino said yes to producing a game show called "Casino Option," for production in their facility, and distribution throughout the Western United States. Unfortunately, the Hotel and Casino were temporarily shut down by a number of governmental agencies, and, fortunately, another event would occur that would pre-occupy a great deal of his future.

Shortly after Jonathan was born Bob Kennedy was forced to seek a "real job," which he found when a friend offered him a job selling cars at a Sonoma County auto dealership. He's done that ... selling cars, managing sales, managing finance, producing television commercials and infomercials. He has a Day Job now.

Now, Mr. Kennedy approaches the 11th year producing SoCooL ... ONLINE and 4 or 5 years of producing what is now called SoCooL TV. SoCooL was designed to attract and interact with 'an audience' and over several different periods of internet life has done quiet well. In the early days of the internet, SoCooL generated traffic in the top 100,000 websites in the world, though essentially written and produced by a single author without extensive or any significant capital. In their day these pages have been described as an ONLINE Book and a work of art ... They've also described as ugly, confusing and they used to be described and slow to load ô¿~ Not any more.

As a result of ALL it's lessons, SoCooL has evolved to primarily emphasize one thing. Things work better when people set positive goals and concentrate on positive things.

Santa Rosa LiVE !!!

Lessons learned, habits formed, new skills acquired, new people engaged, goals set and goals achieved. That has been the story of Santa Rosa LiVE !!! [May - 2002 to Sometime 1994]. Our first broadcast was 8 minutes of highlights of a couple of productions Bob Kennedy did in 1983. The Dream Lives Today. The second broadcast was 20 minutes of SoCooL Bob riding around town with his svhs camera and new found skills. Many, many one camera, two camera and even three camera 'shoots' followed. Many half hour, hour and even two hour specials followed ... 8 of which were submitted to the US Hometown Video Awards, all done by a couple of guys working part time with a community provided facility and a whole bunch of very big hearts ô¿~

What's New ? What's Hot Today?

The So CooL SoCooL Network Now Includes

  1. Nearly 100 Primarily Positive Internet Television Shows
  2. An ONLINE Newspaper, updated daily, with real live reports including stories, pictures and videos of people achieving primarily positive goals.
  3. SoCooL Scoop It (NO BULL)
  4. Several highly interactive Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, etc.
  5. A growing network of people learning that all people do better when surrounded by the stories and experiences of others setting and achieving positive goals.
  6. It's true. There's lots more.
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