Role Models

Much has been written or spoken about the words 'role model.'
There are a couple of pretty exciting definitions in the long list of words that can be used to describe these words properly used. One important way is to recognize that in reality we are all role models and we are all affected by the way others model their behavior. In every way that one can relate to role models, we all act as role models every day and in every way to ourselves and each other.

Each of us makes choices about the most important way we carry the words 'role model' in our own heads. How we chose to take advantage of the power of developing skill at modelling to achieve objectives will have a great deal to do with how successful we eventually become and it will have at least something to do with the success or failure of others.

One of the most important role models we can have or not have as we choose is the notion of the perfect self. Do you have a vision of yourself performing exactly as you would like to perform.

How complete is it? Yourself performing perfectly in how many different areas? Are you multi-tasking? How effectively? How 'bout yo'er role model? What impact do you have on yourself and others ?

There probably isn't anything more exciting than a person who has a full and complete image of themselves performing perfectly and is continuously trying to achieve it.

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