What Is The Essence Of This "Model"

There are many "trains of thought" that can be adopted by any human being. These particular "ways of thinking" may be the product of "other ways," but they exist. Different people have different ways of looking at things.

These "ways of thinking," have a dramatic impact, indeed, may control the way these individuals behave and the results they receive from their behaviors and their chosen "ways of thinking."

The "way you think" can have a significant impact on the results you receive; your happiness, satisfaction, wealth, peace, etc. can be substantially effected by the "way you think."

The "way you think" can have a significant impact on the results received by others.

The results you receive can be substantially impacted by the way others think around you.

You Are In Control Of The Way YOU Think
By taking more considered control over your own thinking process, you can become more successful, be happier, more satisfied, more at peace, yes, even more prosperous.

Your taking greater and greater control can have a significant positive impact on the success of others.

We, as a community of individuals, however, narrowly or broadly that can be considered, would be significantly better off if more people understand and practiced the little things that make each of us more successful.


I don't want to think about it.

Your Success Experiences

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In many, many, many instances, the ONE thing that any person needs to have in order to improve in any area, is a change of mind. Joyce Meyer Ministries shares with the world through Joyce Meyer's daily ministry, meetings, television broadcasts, books, tapes, cd's, dvd's, etc., her thoughts, activities, suggestions for anyone to use to improve their everyday life ... and they work. This August, 2005, Joyce Meyer Ministries is inviting anyone who would like to participate ... 30 Days To Improve Your Outlook On Life.

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