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Let's Get REAL !!

    You have very real positive goals to achieve beginning now. So Do I. Participate in the process that helps anyone achieve positive goals. Use this process to help yourself and others achieve positive goals. Multiply.

      SoCooL Bob's Now Goals 3/05 7:53PM

    • A Spiritual Goal ... to continue to think like God rather than like The Devil or my own much weaker self. I put this goal first because the great commandment is ... Matthew 22: 36-40 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (intellect). This is the great (most important, principal) and first commandment. I put this goal first because I've discovered that everything else works better when I do.

      I will use the Customized Player to provide positive programming to help achieve this goal.

      Your God Experiences
      Thanks !!.

      With God's help I/You will achieve this goal.
      What can you do to help? ASK
      Pray For Yourself And SoCo¿oL Bob !!
      Consider And Achieve Your Spiritual Goal{s}

      This month I'm particularly praying about finances. It very much is an act of faith because at the moment things appear very dry ... for myself for sure. In talking business to business it appears many other are on the down side economically at the moment. I have faith it will break, but will it be as soon as I would certainly like. In His Will.

    • A Self Improvement Goal ... to continue to improve my skills and abilities setting and achieving positive worthwhile goals for myself and others. I put this goal second because the Second Commandment is ... Matthew 22: 36-40 You shall love your neighbor as [you do] yourself. An instruction to love yourself AND your neighbor in the exact same way. I put this goal second because it has a positive impact on every other goal.

      Triangle Of Success

      • Additional Positive Action Step - Simpleology

        Success Simply

        The positive actions credited to success are simple, repeatable, available in many places. This simple process "automates" many of these successful processes including interactive communication with others.

    • A Health Goal to continue to survive chemotherapy and cancer.

      SoCooL - Chemotherapy

    • 3/05 7:58PM Round 5 Day 3 - So Far So Good
      Improve Diet/Don't Overdo/Have Faith In God For All Things

    • A financial goal to meet everyday monthly obligations.
      SoCooL Bob Must Generate $4,000 in revenues from 3/1 thru 3/31

    • SoCooL - Money

      $ 4,000 Goal - Month Of March
      $700 Received 3/05 7:58PM
      • Customized Video Player Service
        • Solicit 7 Clients $ Open Ended On Dollar Amount
          3/05 7:59PM ... Sell Your Product On SoCô¿ôL And You Tube !!
          3/05 8:00PM ... Lot Of Prospects Experiencing Poor Months ... Sell! Sell!Sell1
        • Major Goals For Clients
          • Improve Website/Internet Communications And Sales
          • Opportunity To Be The Local Television Many Will No Longer Have
            • Highlighting Events And Local Activiites
            • Other Positive Subject Matters
            • YouMercials
            • Highly Interactive
            • Younique Opportunity To Market Your Products And Services
          • Opportunity For Some To Participate In An Act Of Giving
            • That Benefits The Giver (It Always Does)
            • That Benefits The Business
            • That Benefits Communities, Very Local, County Wide, State Wide, National And Worldwide
            • And One Unique Fellow ô¿~ Yo'er Success Experiences
            • We're Certainly Doing Our Best To Create A Win/Win/Win/Win
            • That's Why People Call It SoCo¿oL !!
        • Solicit Video Productions And Other Services $59.99/hour
          3/05 8:00PM ... Price Is Right / Negotiate
      • SoCooL Network / Success Seminar
        • Recommend Participation - All of our results depend on what's between our ears!
        • Do YouMercial
      • SoCooL Computers
        • Assist Jonathan
        • Increase Donations
        • Sell Hardware
        • Solicit Services
        • Do Customized Player
        • Do YouMercial
      • Accounts Receiveable - some folks owe for services already rendered
      • Solicit New Contracts
        • Do YouMercial
      • Gifts - Donations
      • Win A Million Playing Poker
      • $ 1,000,000 $$$ One Million Dollars $$$
        $ 42 Current Bankroll 3/05 Down $36 February
        $ $277 Current Bankroll 3/05 Up $156 UBBB Game

      $ 4,000 Goal - Month Of March
      $700 Received 3/05 8:06PM

    • All Kinds Of Other Positive Goals

    • SoCo¿oL Learning To Speak Spanish ... ... ... SoCo¿oL Learning To Play The Piano

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