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Subject: The Million Man March

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Happy to see that their is a site for tracking info. on the MMM. Here's one more data source for those interested in this truly historic event: one of two known systemic surveys of socio-political/economic opinions held by African-American men who attended the March - see:

Howard University

Trust all interested check out this site.

In the struggle

Joe McCormick - Dept. of Pol Science Howard University

Thanks for your response to SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE Your suggestion has been noted and the site you recommended has been added to "The Million Man March."

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Under the Nation of Islam are blacks that are in Bi-racial marriages permitted to become one of the nation of islam? Minster Louis spoke strongly toward being a father. If a father who was in a Bi-racial marriage desired to become on of the nation of islam could he? woul be have to divorce his wife leave his children to become admitted?

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Blessings and Peace:

Would the author of the words "I am neither black nor female", please clarify, of what gender and racial heritage they are. Also, if they would clarify the motivations behind their authoring this homepage, and why the link to the Christian Research Journal. I'd just like to clearly follow the threads of their background, motivations and mindset.

Yours in Service and Respect, Rafiki "Heal the Innerverse" Cai

SoCoOL Bob

I guess that's me!
Certainly! I would be classified as white and male. A part of my background can be found on SoCoOL Bob's Resume. My motivation is that I think we can all perform better, if we want to, and that it would do us all good if we did. I think that everyone should appreciate more, their own power as a human being, and that they should appreciate the power and potential of others. The two are interrelated.
I believe Jesus said, "There are only two commandments. Love God above all things, and love others as you love yourself."

I believe this commandment was given, not to restrict our behavior, but to suggest the path to realizing our own heavenly purpose. It includes recognizing the source of our individual powers, and how to use them ... in service, first to the source of that power, then, in equal measure, to our own growth and the growth of others.

It we all became more vital mechanisms for self improvement, spiritual improvement, we will all grow.


submitted by Andrew J.C. Wenzel (

I have never actually been able to publicly comment on the Million Man March, so here's my chance.

I am a 19 yr old European-American male who has grown up primarily in African-American surroundings. My step-father is black and so are the majority of my blood brothers and sisters. Because of growing up in the black community I am not only fully aware, but have felt the African-American males self-esteem been destroyed by loss in faith and trust in material objects such as sex, clothes and cars. I beleive whole-heartedly that the Million Man March was just the beginning in trying to reconstruct the self-esteem of the African-American male and putting him back to where he was at the top of civilization. And in that effort, I will put all my heart, soul, sweat and love. For in life, if one of us falls, we all fall. Thank-you.

From: (Wendy Ann Kinley)
Subject: The Nation Of Islam

Hi, Let begin by saying I am both white and a woman. i know that to many people in this organization that means that I have two strikes against me, but since YOU left a place for my opinion. . . . Here it is.The honorable mister Farrakhan (ha ha to honerable) is a little confused!!! I have NEVER in my life owned another human being! None of my anscestors did either. I am really tired of being blamed for something that occured 200 years ago. I feal that slavery is a truly horendous thing to occun the fact that the only reason their were slaves available to the white man is because the black tribes in Africa were selling each other to the slave traders.I suppose I have another strike against me in that I am a professing Christian. This is not only a religion for me but a way of life. I have read the Koran and many other religious writings and as far as I can see God the Father and Allah are the same being. I honestly do not see how God would be happy with Mr. Farrakhan's putting down white people.

It was submitted by Sara Morgan (

I am currently doing a rhetorical analysis of Maya Angelou's poem from the Million Man March and have been using your MMM homepage as a reference. In doing my analysis, I have been looking for but unable to find the introduction given for Ms. Angelou at the march. This introduction would be highly helpful in doing this analysis, and if you would be able to give me information as to where I could find the introduction, or the introduction itself, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

Sara Morgan

It was submitted by Abah M. Ahmed (

Thank you for this most valuable information. I publish a bi-monthly newsletter and will filter this information to other black people around the world.

It was submitted by Dana Keller

I never want to forget the beautiful feeling left in my heart by the sight of one million black men gathered in the capital. Unfortunately, I cannot locate the tape on which I recorded the march, so I was wondering if you could provide information on how to order a tape of the event. My friends and I would greatly appreciate it.

It was submitted by Timothy Adams

Louis Farrakan is a racist pig, a Malcolm X wannabe, and probably the ANTI-CHRIST himself. I've heard his message and it is loud and clear, He is the plague of the black community. Sucking people into his cult and giving them a false sense of hope in him. He is not the messiah as some black folks would say of him, Louis Farrakan is just a preacher whose lost a few marbles. He does not fairly represent the African race. He is a black David Koresh but on a much larger scale. The Blacks in America need hope and salvation, and he brings that message with him. He continues to draw in more and more African-Americans and this is truly frightening. Are blacks mindless savages as was once thought. Members of the Nation of Islam need to take a step back and see Farrakan and his cult for what they truly are.

From: Adrienne Redd
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Subject: letter to Charles Redd

I mailed a letter to Charles Redd. Thank you for your response.

Dear Charles,

I am writing a book about how the lives of 26 American activists have been changed by becoming involved with a variety of causes from saving sequoias to stopping drunk drivers. The title of the book is A Terrible Beauty. The profiles include Lois Gibbs, who won relocation money for the families at Love Canal; Candace Lightner, founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving; Woody Harrelson, whose protests against the destruction of sequoias have led him to work for the legalization of industrial hemp as a substitute for wood; Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking and death penalty opponent; Roberto Martinez, advocate against immigration harassment and human rights abuses on the Mexican-American border; Ramona Africa, the sole adult survivor of the Move fire in Philadelphia and Michele Fagin, founder, with her husband of Families Against Internet Censorship.

I am still seeking a man to profile for the book whose life was positively affected by the Million Man March of October 1995. I posted a request to several chat groups and received a response from recommending that you might be an appropriate subject for the profile. Please send me email or call or write me if you think so too and/or if there are other men you know whose lives were changed for the better by the march.

If you want to find out a little more about me, some of my arts-oriented articles are posted at the URL below. I have yet to post chapters from the book, though several of them are finished.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Adrienne Redd

From: (Sean C. Perry)
Subject: "The Million Man March"

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Hi. My name is Sean C. Perry, and I want to congratulate all the men who went to "The Million Man March". I was not able to participate in the event because I had class that day.

What I want to know is, "When Is The Next Million Man March?" and "Where Is It Going To Be Held?" That is all that I want to know.

From: (Min. Karl Marx Muhammad)
Subject: A Job Well Done

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On behalf of the Nation of Islam I would like to extend our thanks to you for your positive outreach to Black culture and refinement.

Thank You Sir ô¿ô

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