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It was submitted by Adrienne Redd ( ) on Mon Jul 7 09:10:05 PDT 1997

body: I am a freelance writer based in the Philadelphia area. I am compiling a collection of profiles of 26 American activists who have been personally transformed by their involvement with various political and social causes.

The book's title, A Terrible Beauty, comes from a William Butler Yeats poem about the struggle for Irish independence.

The profiles include those of Ramona Africa, the lone survivor of the MOVE fire and a leader of the MOVE group; Lois Gibbs, who won relocation for the families living on contaminated land at Love Canal; actor Woody Harrelson and schoolteacher, Donna Cockrel, both of whom have been involved with the fight to legalize industrial hemp in Kentucky; Sister Helen Prejean, the nun who wrote "Dead Man Walking" and who works against the death penalty; Al Norman, founder of Sprawl-Busters, the organization that stops Wal*Mart and other "big box" franchises from moving into towns over the objections of the residents; Robert Lederman, a leader in the legal and public education fight against harassment of street artists in New York City; Laura Kriho, the Colorado juror jailed for four months because she exercised her right to jury nullification; River Huston, poet and advocate for HIV-positive women; Thomas Hylton, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author of "Save Our Land, Save Our Towns," a treatise for land planning in Pennsylvania and Jan VanderTuin, founder and director of Eugene Bicycle Work in Oregon, which teaches neighborhood youths how to repair bicycles and advocates bicycle transportation as an alternative to cars.

I would like to include a profile on an African American man whose life was changed by the Million Man March. Can you help me find some leader from that group who was either inspired himself or who can suggest someone? One proviso - I really don't want to include someone who is an anti-Semitic Farrakhan devotee. It would be really great to find someone who had embarked on fighting the way that the welfare program forces fathers to abandon their families or something like that. I am looking for someone who was both really inspired and DID something after the march.

Can you help me find a good subject for the book?

From: Jerome Willams \ Internet:
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Subject: picture of Mister Farrakhan at the march on this web page

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by Jerome Willams (

Will or can you please e-mail the picture of Mister Farrakhan at the million march with the crowd in the background. I would like any good pictures that you can supply. I would like to have this one setup as wall paper on my computer. The others will be printed and placed in a scrapbook for my kids to see and remember this great day in history for black men in unity.

Thank You jw for your response to SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE .. and to the "Million Man March." The good news is that you should be able to download any picture that you see and want, anywhere on the World Wide Web, just by clicking on your right mouse button, on the picture. A pop up menu will ask you what you want, and you select save as (You can also select view as ... which will take you to a page which includes just the picture ... this can be helpful if you want a better view of a picture, or if a picture doesn't load on the page properly ). This will then give you a dialogue box where you can name the new picture file and place it in the directory of your choice. You will then have the picture .... to do with as you please.

In order to use it as background in windows, you will need to convert the picture to a .bmp. You should be able to do this in paintbrush or in a better picture program.

If you need more help on that .. .. reply EMAIL.

You will also notice that that particular picture came from another site on the World Wide Web. Whenever SoCoOL uses a picture from another Web Site .. . it is almost "mandatory" in our minds that we create an hreference to (in this case, NOI ON-LINE: The Million Man March Homepage ) that site. If you follow the hreferences, links, on the page, you will find the original artwork , that SoCoOL downloaded in exactly this fashion.

I would also be thankful if you have any other picture of black leaders that can be put in this book. I am trying make a scrapbook on great black leaders.

I WOULD recommend browsing at The Universal Search Tool ... and using the variety of search tools available to search for the key words black men, or black history, or African-American ... or any other combination of words that you think might yield the best results in terms of providing references on the World Wide Web that relate to the subject or thing you are looking for. On Alta Vista, or some of the others, you might even want to start your search with .... black men pictures. You get the idea ??? A little clicking will reveal lots of great sites, on the subject you're looking for ... sites like this one on BLACK ART


You can also tell you kids that the "odds are" .... this same document that you refer to ... "The Million Man March" ... will probably stay on the World Wide Web .... "forever" ... or at least a long time. This page will continue to be improved and updated with new hreferences to the March ... and the subject matter ... new pieces of EMail ... such as the one you have just sent will be posted, and also remain.

In addition, when you've done your search for black male historical figures, you may discover there is already a Web page dedicated to that subject ... complete with pictures and everything. You can send us EMail and we'll publish that hreference directly to that site ... so that others can follow the "train of thought" that you have ... more easily. If such a page does not exist ... you may want to create it. A privelage of INTERNET access as well. If you don't know how ... SoCoOL will help you, and/or direct you to the best places that already exist to help you get more and better use out of the INTERNET.

How we doin' so far ???



submitted by Jan Bond (

I was very pleased to see your Web Site concerning the Million Man March. As one of the brothers in attendance, I am still sharing the "spirit" whenever and where ever I can. The responses I received upon returning from the March were overwhelmingly positive. I notice there's a lot more comradarie shown among many black men in the last year--especially especially those who personally attended the MMM. Today's the first day I researched articles about the MMM and to be honest I just skimmed the surface of some of the articles. I plan on more in depth examination of the topic in the near future.

Jan Bond


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