The Million Man March

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Monday ... October 16. 1995
What is SoCô¿ôL About The Million Man March ???

Congratulations on an INCREDIBLE EVENT !!!
Certainly it was the event of the day.
The presence of a million, more or less, black men, of all ages, who met ... in a totally non-threatening way, to discuss, primarily their own responsibility for whatever might be their "collective circumstance."
I watched a great deal of the "presentation" ... by a great many ... and I saw women .... in the audience ... and speaking from the deus. I saw women praised and appreciated.
Were their some "negative" messages ... sure !!! But ... are these black men any more or less human than any of us ? How do we grow ... in our own eyes ...and ... in the eyes of our maker? My belief is that we grow by building on "positives" ... multiplying things done right. Can some of these negatives be discussed ... and perhaps fall away? Why not ? If we approach ourselves and our brothers and sisters in love ... in congratulations for the remarkable achievement of this event ... and ... they approach us in the same way. Is there any good reasons why we would not want this "spirit" to grow ? If so, perhaps, we should examine those.
What to me was most remarkable was the presentation by the Reverend Farrakan himself. This was a sermon. Make no mistake about it ... not ... just a RAH !!! RAH !!! sermon ... but a teaching, meaning filled sermon. Has any one ever gathered one million anybody's to participate in a spirit filled, growth oriented sermon ... in Washington D.C.
NOONE HAS EVER DONE THAT !!!! He must have been nervous ... he must have been afraid ... he couldn't have had an earthly teacher because no body has ever done this before .... but he followed his principles and his GOD ... and his principles and his GOD were victorious !!!
Can you imagine in America ... or anywhere else ... any man gathering a million people to listen for two and a half hours ... to the eight steps to ATONEMENT ? Do you know what they are ? Have you got the time ?
I don't know that I got them all ... see if this "jives" with what you know ?
You must RECOGNIZE your own error .... your own wrong ... your own "humanity."
You must ACKNOWLEDGE your wrong ... to yourself.
You must CONFESS your wrong to others ... to your one true God ... and seek forgiveness.
You must REPENT and move away from your wrong. You can't just keep doing it again and again.
You must DO SOMETHING to make reparation for your wrong ... offer service to overcome the effect of what you have done.
You must receive FORGIVENESS ... the liberating force of knowing that your wrong has not damaged you forever.
You must RECONCILE yourself to the new world made whole by your new self. You must reconcile yourself to your new world full of others ... just like yourself ... who also need forgiveness.
You will then begin again with the perfect union between yourself and your God ... between yourself and others of principle.

How much better will the world be as we all struggle with a fight over our Godly principles ... the best of which are included in every religion, from every philosopher, to every people!!!!

Of particular interest ... an added point ... was the notion that in order to point out a wrong .... and have it have an effect ... you must approach your correction from a position of love. Bitterness will not win out. Hate will not do. So ... will I rush to approach those subjects, those people, those topics, that left me with some doubt ? To what good end ... if I cannot gratefully praise the doers of this deed ... with the positive things they have done.

A FINAL COMMENT ... some would question the messenger ? Is there any among you ... who ... having begun the march of principle, the march of love, has not been disappointed by keeping our eye on the messenger. Are there any perfect among us?


Will I recognize, acknowledge, confess, repent, apologize, seek forgiveness, reconcile with those with whom I KNOW I have acted wrongly. I will commit to try .... and ... I am neither black nor female. Will you ?

So .... You Want To Decide For Yourself

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