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The reason is simple. The foundation has been laid. The Key To Becoming More Successful has been revealed.
Picture yourself in the situation, doing the things you would be doing in that "successful situation"
Measure the difference between that and reality
Continuously perform those actions that will get you closer to your goal.
Repeat the process
This applies to little things ... and big things ...

What, you say you don't get it ??? That's understandable. The "get it" is in the doing. Apply this "formula," The Triangle of Success, to achieving greater results in a great many things that you do. Recognize that conceiving the ideal in any situation can create the small changes in your performance that can tremendously increase results. Improve your golf game, you're love making? Your sales approach, your public speaking? Your Yo-Yo'ing, your eating? The more times you consciously, and sub consciously, repeat this process, the more confident you become, the more precise you become, the more results you achieve.

Let's talk about LIFE. If this process will work to improve your golf game, doesn't it make sense that you can use it to improve your life skills as well? Do you think that because this process works in you, it doesn't work in others? Do you suppose that two of you working together could improve on things? Do positive things to support other peoples goals.

Before we proceed, there's just one thing I would like to add to the Triangle. It's not something I was taught ... it's something I learned, and that I've found "meaningful" to pass along. I was taught, and I believe this to be true, that it is not necessary for you to BELIEVE in the Triangle, the way it works, why it works, even that it works ... for it to work. If you just do some of the things that relate to applying the concept of the Triangle ... you'll get the RESULTS ... and then you can see how that effects your beliefs. There is, however, one belief, that I added to the Triangle, after discovering how powerful in many ways that it was, and yet, in other ways, how inadequate.

If you refer to the opening document, "Success," you will see that the dialogue there refers to a "force" ... a "power" ... that makes this all work. It is a force, not unlike gravity, that supports the goal orienting function of every human being. I agree with that description, but there is a possibility that there is more.

If you measure the solution to some of your own "problems/opportunities" from the limited perspective of your own "point of view," it may not appear that the solution is present or possible. Consider that same problem against the perspective of the universe.

Lack money ... how much is available ? Lack friends .... opportunities ? Don't know how ? When you consider that the universe is your resource for the solution, the possibilities are "by definition" limitless.

Consider the solution from the perspective of "universal resources," and you'll begin to experience what it means to "access your higher power." And, when you've experienced that, and know from experience what it means, consider the solution from your perspective of God. If you consider that God stands as the power, and the creator of your unique abilities, you recognize that God can, at any time, override any circumstance, and immediately deliver, even Beyond Your Furthest Dream. God can guide you so that your GOALS are consistent with the GREATER GOALS set for the Universe and You. Doesn't it make sense to align yourself with the power that creates oneness with the creator.

The more you work with these principles, the more you put the notion of the Triangle to the test, the more results you will achieve and the more you will discover about the power that makes it so.

Shall we BEGIN ?

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