What Are Your Goals In Life ?

Not an easy question to answer, perhaps, especially if you've never ASKed or ANSWERed it before. The first time you do anything is not as likely to be as successful as when you've done that same anything, over and over again. The first time is likely to be covered with FEAR and DOUBT and DISCOMFORT, and a whole lot of "negative" emotions ... ATTITUDES. Indeed, ATTITUDE amounts to one whole side of the triangle, doesn't it?

Not an easy question to answer if you begin and you realize that YOUR OWN SUCCESS can be described in several different ways. Success in relationships ? Success in business ? Success in personal achievements ? Success in monetary terms ? Success in spiritual terms ? Success as measured by our achievements within, contribution to, reputation with, "the community." Which success do YOU mean ? Which community ?

I guess if we were to "reach for the moon," we would say that the "successful person," would be successful in ALL these areas, and certainly the continued pursuit of the Triangle of Success should make it possible for YOU to become more successful, in each of these areas of YOUR LIFE, if you do the things necessary to achieve "it." I'd like to recommend an activity that will help overcome the sometimes automatic notion that tends to suggest that success cannot be achieved. Rather than taking on too much at once, ASKING for too much, in the very begining. Let's take things ONE STEP AT A TIME.

"Success follows doing what you want to do. There is no other way to be successful." --- Malcom Forbes


In order to help clearly visualize the successful YOU ... let's take a look at that YOU ... and if that YOU is not yet, clear, let's take a look at OTHER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ... people acknowledged as SUCCESSFUL, by you. What kinds of ATTITUDES do they have ??? Are they positive or negative ? Are they loving and considerate of others, or are they hate filled ? Are they enthusiastic, or are they depressed? You fill in the rest of the blanks.

Use the "creative process" to examine and name every emotion, every attitude you can think of, that you would describe as being associated with successful. A successful person typically has what kind of attitudes? Use the vital resources of your mind to write them down ... overtime ... so you can begin to create a clearer picture of the Successful Attitudes and the more Successful You. What kinds of ATTITUDES do successful people hold ?
What attitudes will be demonstrated by the more successful you? Use the vital resources of the INTERNET to see what others have to say about ATTITUDES. Examine the dictionary, the thesaurus, the encyclopedias so that your own definition of attitude becomes clearer and clearer.


This is your first assignment. Fill in the blanks, either on this form, or on your own. Paint a word picture of the more successful you. The one with the attitudes you've described. What are you doing? touching? tasting? smelling? what are the actions you are performing? what are the successful results?


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The most memorable discussion of Positive Attitudes, I think I ever had, was the time I was scheduled to give a talk at a car dealer in Walnut Creek, California. This particular dealer was a high end dealer. There were only 6 sales people in the store, each of whom had demonstrated an outstanding record in their field, many of whom had been former General Managers, Salesman of the Year, etc.

They never had sales meetings.

This one was scheduled just to hear from Bob Kennedy, and what he had to add to their successes.

Interestingly enough, that morning I had a long way to come, to arrive at 7:00 am. Not my best hour of the day either. As I approached within a mile of the location I looked down at the gas guage only to see it read absolutely, totally and completely empty. I thought ... OH NO ... if I stop for gas I'll be late for sure ... if I continue I might run out of gas and never get there at all ... so I stopped. I put in two dollars worth of gas and was on my way, only to arrive approximately seven minutes late. The General Manager, with whom I had made the appointment was furious. What the ------- do you think you are doing .... these guys are fit to be tied. If you'd have gotten here two minutes later we'd be across the street eating breakfast.

"You'll love the point I'm going to make ... don't worry about it," I stated with complete confidence ... in my voice and manner ... all the while holding the fear and trepidation inside.
As I began the meeting, I could see in each of their eyes, these guys were ready to eat me for lunch. They scowled, mumbled. They were not happy. While the meeting was designed to draw out the participation of the group .... these guys weren't playing ... until I got to the third point about what made them different ... what made them successful when so many others were not.
"What about attitude," I asked. "What kind of attitude do successful people have?"

Through clenched teeth, one of them, himself a former General Manager, said," Positive."

"It's true isn't it," I said. " Successful behavior is most always accompanied by a successful attitude. It's a funny thing," I would continue, " Successful results seldom depend on what we do wrong. If any of us had to set about to be perfect, we would fail right away, and would thus never achieve any results. Rather, success depends on the number of things we do right. Take me for example. My goal here today is to sell each of you on many benefits you can receive by attending one of our courses. I did a number of things wrong today ... I'm not going to bore you with the details .... BUT .... I did one thing right ... and on that one thing ... all the success I might achieve today will hinge. Do any of you know what it was?"

Silence. First one, then the other, as I scanned their faces searching for the answer. A different look began to come across their faces as they too searched for the answer.

"I GOT HERE !!!"

As it turned out I enrolled every one of them into one of our courses, and the General Manager enrolled in two. It's an experience I'll never forget, as long as I live.

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