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We all set, consciously or not, hundreds of little goals every day. We perform hundreds of little actions based on those goals and "our way of thinking," every day. That we do it so often can be a tremendous advantage to each of us, because we have so many opportunities to perfect it.

The process begins with conception, imagination, inspiration, direction. It begins when we direct ourselves from where we're at to where we next want to be. The better we are at assessing both of these "states," the "as-is" ... and the "wanna be," the better we will be at taking actions that get us there.

It is at the very beginning where we can have our greatest impact on the results we receive in life. We SET THE GOALS.
A ship doesn't go to New York if you send it to Paris. A car drives North if that's the direction you point it. A human being seldom achieves anything greater than what they strive for.

"The Cyber Cow" grazes in the pasture of greatest prosperity."

How we do it ... consciously or subconciously ... positively or negatively ... consistently or inconsistently ... will have a greater impact on our "success" or "failure," than any other act, large or small, that we perform. If we perform this act well .... setting goals ... we become, by definition, more successful at achieving them. It is the setting of the goal that mobilizes all the other forces to achieve it.

Use the Triangle of Success, to help you more effectively achieve your goals. You've gotten all the INFORMATION you need. You understand that human beings set goals .... that they do things depending on how they conceive of their own goals . What can you DO to achieve more of our goals?

Step One Has Already Been Taken ....

Recognize that you already do this.

Take Control Of The Process

See that you do it ... see how you do it ... examine how you feel about it ... examine your beliefs about it ... consider how successful you are now. How successful do you think you are? Set New Goals.

Setting goals essentially involves creating a picture in your mind of a situation or circumstance that does not now exist. To become better at setting goals ... become better at creating that picture.

See it more vividly ... hear it ... taste it ... touch it ... smell it. Become it. Give your mind the practice of being there. There are other things you can do to improve your ability to achieve these goals, but, by far the most important is your ability to see things as you want them to be.


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