A Line In The Sand
O.J. Simpson Re-Visited

A line in the sand was drawn the day that O.J. Simpson called Burden of Proof on CNN and stayed on the phone for over an hour ... answering questions.

Those of you who don't care about this story ... are probably not here. A part of what we can report is that apparently a great many of you do, because our traffic reports indicate that the "SoCô¿ôL Comments on O.J. Simpson," that we have published for quite some time, still gets about the fourth or fifth highest amount of traffic of any of our pages. That includes ... SEX .... it includes God ... it includes Sports ... News ... and interestingly enough Weather ... it even includes Yo-Yo's which may be slowly losing their lead to The CowPie Awards ... INTERNET PROTEST and The Million Geek March, etc.

I hope there is a reason for this. I know what the reasons are for me ... we're all anxious to see how this real life drama reveals itself ... we would LOVE to know ... the truth.

SoCô¿ôL does not take a position on whether O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. We took a position on what the verdict ought to be ... based on "reasonable doubt," a very important concept in law ... and we believe, in thought.

One of the things that O.J. Simpson said in his BNET interview, was, for those of you who believe I did it, I would, I hope, reserve at least 5 to 10 percent of my mind to the notion that it was POSSIBLE that he didn't. I hope, believe I would be that fair.

Now ... the line has been drawn ...

O.J. Simpson has stated unequivocally ... he didn't do it. He has stated this in more than one forum, in more than one way. He has also discussed the facts, by deposition to a bunch of lawyers who are bound and determined to prove that he's lying, and via a number of media, to YOU. On the other side of that line, we hear the comments by Faye Resnick (Nicole's friend), and from Nicole's former therapist, and Tammy Bruce of National Organization for Women (NOW). At least two of them used the same words:

Pathological Liar
They do not hesitate to state that O.J. butchered Ron and Nicole. They state that he is demonstrating the pattern of "Denial" and "Abuse." That he is blaming everyone ... but himself.

So who's telling the truth? We're a heck of a lot closer to knowing because now O.J. speaks, and speaks in detail ... so we can all hear it. So we can test his words ... and theirs ... for whose rings true.

How Are We Going To Know ???

It seems to us, that what must be so very important, to each of us, to enough of us, that the Saga of O.J.Simpson continues to "get ratings." "generate interest," "attract attention," is that we just want to know the truth. 99.9% of us cannot know whether O.J. Simpson committed these crimes. Unless he whispered it in your ear, or you saw him do it, you can't know ... and the farther removed you are from the facts ... the less likely it is that you can.

Our individual struggles to know the truth are as important in each of our everyday lives as they are to the peoples lives so involved in this case. It is precisely that incidents like this happen everyday that each of must, should, has developed a way of looking at things that either dooms us to repeat them, or provides the maximum possibility that we will "get it" and improve what we do in the future.

It seems to me that there is a way to know? At least a way that is best calculated to know. Some people would call it, "coming from principle," others, "coming from the law," still others "coming from God." In any case, there are many who would recommend that the way to guarantee our individual and collective improvement in our behavior, would be to educate each of our citizens what it means to do the right thing.

If you asked God for the answer to the question, did O.J. Simpson kill Ron and Nicole, I suspect you would hear something like, "What matters most is how you and I approach it." Will you go off on your own way, consulting your OUJI, or your own experience, a book, or a pundant. If you decide based on your intimate experience with men molesting, beating and killing women, that he "must have done it," will you have room in your heart to forgive. Will you withhold judgment because there may yet remain something you don't know. If you decide, that he didn't kill, will your forgiveness flow any less, any more ... and will it flow to those who in their own mistaken judgment, thought that he did?

Each of their fates is pre-determined based on their relationship to their higher power. Each of their fates will be directly determined by their own deliberate choice to "give themselves up to their higher power," which includes giving up whatever they may have done, or have been tempted to have done, in the past. Many would say, the author included, that one's behavior will automatically improve, more positive results will be achieved, if each of us would simply learn to consult with this higher power.

I can imagine it would be very difficult, if one were O.J., to admit that we did it ... if we did. I suppose it is even possible, that it could become impossible to even know. But, it is not possible or necessary to hide the truth, from a loving God, from the higher power, that will guide you in what you do ... and make it possible for you to be "right."

There are others, closer to the facts, who will and have had a similar impact on the resolution of these events. Their ability to "come from their higher power" will have an impact on how this situation resolves itself for them ... for O.J. ... and, perhaps, for the rest of us as well.

Why is it important that we understand and maintain contact with this higher power? Because it gives us the opportunity to "perfect ourselves," without the imposition of one persons harm against another. Why is it important to respect the higher principles of law? Because the law knows it asks questions it sometimes cannot know, and establishes a method for balancing a variety of versions of the truth. MOST IMPORTANTLY ... the method depends on the "just" witness, the "honest jury," the "righteous advocate." It depends on people, "coming from their higher power," to perform acts which, if they don't "come from their higher power," will never yield to truth or justice or law.

We HOPE ... and we emphasize the word HOPE ... that O.J. Simpson did not commit this crime. We hope that primarily because we believe that it might serve ... to the World's Greater Good ... if it turns out that he didn't. Not one less victim, but a victim with a different name. The truth is, that it will work to this Greater Good, whether O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, or not ... IF WE DO ... and ... according to my higher power ... WE WILL.

We Want To Know

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