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Here it is, AUGUST of 1999, and all these pages still get traffic, lots of it, and I still get these emails. Here's one of the best of the latest, and, of course, my response.

Dear So "cool" Bob-

This is in no way meant to disrespect. But exactly where did you ever come up with this idea that OJ was framed?

From the sound of it .. yo'er not talking about what I wrote. Sounds like it must be somebody else's posting.

My comments had to do with the presentation of the evidence. The preservation and presentation of evidence was badly mishandled .. too many stories .. too many missing ingredients.

My comment had to do with Fong not knowing where the OJ blood sample came from or went ... without a good presentation of the evidence on the blood ... one cannot establish beyond a reasonable doubt that OJ did it .. do most people on the planet think he did it ... are many cock sure that he did it .... sure .. beyond a reasonable doubt .. I don't think so.

I mean were you watching the same trial? When I read what you wrote, I started thinking this web site was created by OJ (using a phony name) to say how innocent he is. Bob, is it's not really that hard here. Oj killed Nicole? How much more proof do you need , sweetie? Bloodie socks under his bed?

Very questionable presentation of that evidence .... evidence presentation suggests the possibility that that evidence was tampered with ..

Car erratically parked, limo driver sees him run up to the house hurridly and had been waiting for quite awhile for him. What were the police twisting his arm keeping him from answering the door? Where they setting him up ahead of time? Dear, when they went to Chicago to bring him back (because he needed to take that hurried flight to get the hell out of there) How could they have placed his blood at the crime scene? He was in Chicago. Oh, so did they draw blood from his arm and take a flight that rushed back before his plane got there and walk around dropping blood all over and you realllly believe a whole task force would go along with something so stupid? I don't think you have really thought this thought process out.

To frame someone, it would take enormous planning on the part of the LAPD and the enormous amount of people who worked on the case would have to all know their parts in order not to screw this "frame" up and get caught. It would take months of planning. They'd have to of broken into OJ's house ahead of time to get the socks (he wore the night he cut Nicole's head off),Hire someone to kill Nicole and then soak the socks in the blood, now mind you there'd have to be several agents around to carry this out, so they would have been seen. Ok, then someone would of had to hold OJ down and withdraw blood from his body , I guess they'd have to temporarily knock him out so he wouldn't remember and then they would run over to his house and be sure not to be seen by Kato and the limo driver. They'd have to shoot little spats of blood on the floor and do the same at Nicole's house. Then they'd have to pay the limo driver off not to say he saw them , pay Kato to say he heard a thump(which buy the way was OJ jumping back over the wall to hurry up and go inside his house, which was incedentally when the Limo driver saw him run in, but ANYWAY, let's carry out this silly thought process. Ok , so now we've got the limo driver and Kato paid off not to say they saw several agents around their house. We have OJ's dog who they bribed with a slab of meat (to distract him while they are on his property so that his dog wouldn't bark) while they are placing blood all around. Meanwhile, all of the agents who are in this conspiracy to frame OJ are all working together to do this guy in. For what? What would be their main goal in putting OJ away for life? What , Bob , would they gain from seeing him rott in jail for the rest of his life. Sweetie, anytime there is usually a murder , there is a motive or reason it took place, not just because a bunch of people got together and decided it'd just be fun. Like let's say. Jealousy, uh, insurance money, someone was cheating. Things like this , honey. Are you starting to understand how logic works now or common sense? Boy, I tell you what, Johnny Cochran did a damn good job of making you look the other way too! All the weak minded people looked the other way despite all the evidence. If he didn't do it, everybody's time lines and stories would not mesh. So...... did the LAPD round up all the people in the neighborhood where this took place and beg them to come up with this conspiracy too? Well, this took an awful lot of planning for the LAPD and lot's of men working on this with a community full of people and many months of pre-planning so everyone would know their part. It's incredible. These people, I mean of the participants, did their parts flawlessly. Unreal, nobody forgot their lines, everyone rehersed it flowed like silk in a spider's web. Oh, I almost forgot , OJ was sooooooooooooo upset about it that he vowed he'd find those "Killer's". Haven't heard much about what he's been able to find out. It's amazing that nobody has been found, when there was blood and fingerprints and everything.. Unreal. Those killers must still be at large. Moral of the story- if you're going to be so foolish and immature to really believe a manipulative murderer and his lawyer, you'll believe just about anything. In all, it really should make one question your judgement and credability. You don't seem to fare well with things that really require just the utmost common-sense. I'd seriously sit down with a counselor and find out what is hindering you. you don't seem to be able to make informed decisions. They're all about hoop-la. You seemed to have gotten caught up in the "kill", (no pun) of it all. Like a wild animal circling it's pray. I sware dear, if you step back and really think this whole thought process through of how and with what difficulty it would take to carry out such a senseless mission, I think you'd be surprised to find there'd be no motive. Which, is completely obvious in about 93% of murders. But, I guess it escapes you. Do us all a favor, don't ever be a juror on a murder trial. If a family member of yours gets murdered and the murderer says he was framed and he didn't kill your mom, believe him, because after all you believed OJ!

I really like yo'er emotion fervor ..

Just Say Y !!!

Date sent: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:31:28 -0400
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To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com

Subject: this is in response to your response to me.

Bob, I was talking about the fact that when I read what you wrote, things like, "O.J. is innocent, innocent, innocent!"

Yo Tino and Marcy .. I love you man but yo'er not quoting any of my words ... at least not in my original comments ... Well .. heck .. let me reconsider .. maybe I said that in some comment to someone elses posting .. or maybe somebody else said it .. in any case ... Please let me recite a simple but important fact ... He is INNOCENT ... a jury of his peers found him innocent .. I believe by a unanimous vote .... that is the way in which guilt and innocence is determined .. and to some people at least ... that is very important. Not what you and I think who haven't got a clue.

Course, if you disagree, I can understand that. I have disagreed I know with other decisions of other juries .. like the Dan White jury that said he was innocent cause he ate too many twinkies .. or decisions that treat two people sleeping together as if they were married and award half of the property to each .. You and I know .. or at least I think we do that two people sleeping together for x amount of years have probably discussed getting married .. and somebody said NO ...

I almost freaked. and "anyone who believes otherwise -blah blah (I wrote that because I can't remember the rest, but I know it was basically saying that if you thought he did it you're an idiot.)

I definitely don't think I wrote that .. maybe again one of the visitors who response I posted .. pretty diverse group I have to admit. I certainly don't think anyone who thinks OJ actually committed this crime is an idiot .. there is, afterall, a tremendous amount of EVIDENCE that he did. If the blood results are ACCURATE .. meaning that that WAS IN FACT actually his blood at the scene of the crime, I have no clue how you might go about denying that he DID IN FACT DO IT ...

The problems I related to in SoCL's opinion of the case, was that the way the facts were presented it was impossible to determine, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the blood was his. I admit the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt is a VERY HIGH ONE ... but that is the standard, and I think perhaps that it is a good one. I think that the civil trial may have concluded and may suggest that the PREPONDERANCE of the EVIDENCE would certainly lead one to believe that that was HIS BLOOD ... and that as such it is in fact PROBABLE that he did it ...... our system, I still think quite rightly, does not allow us to CONVICT SOMEONE of ANY CRIME .. if it is just PROBABLE that he did it. That makes sense .. doesn't it ???

Bob, maybe you can help me, I can't understand how a murder trial turned into a 'who handled what and how' trial. What do you mean the presentation of evidence? Above How come if you kill somebody, people will start getting all hung up in how the police did their work. Is that in every trial, or only where the lawyers are receiving a paycheck like those did? I just think Judge Ito sucked, to put it nicely. Do you think someone paid him off? He just sat there. He never interveined (sorry if I mispelled that word, interviened). So many people were so disgusted with the Judge because they thought he could have prevented so many of the stupid things that the lawyers were getting hung up on. I thought it was a murder trial, but yet they never were saying he didn't do it, they were instead giving you so many reasons why evidence was handled wrong, stepped into, stepped on, Dennis Fung's hands, it seemed to center on the basic functions of any police department and the things they do on a daily basis. It just seems to me, that black people get away with the "black thing" now adays and it makes me sick. If you're black now you get a special pass to be obnoxious,disrespectful and blaming ass hell. Guess what, I am a woman & I am not mad at the whole human race of men out there. Blaming them for my life's problems and why I can't get a higher paying job and everything. In life I believe you don't have anyone to blame for your disposition. People in wheelchairs aren't blaming people who can walk for their problems in life. You must find what your abilities and strengths are and go with them. So, if I am a woman and men just naturally are going to get a higher paying job just because they have something hanging in between their legs, then it's called."life." So, I am gonna do the best I can , to get a job that pays considerably higher than most regular jobs(lawyer , doctor, etc) then, I made my life how I wanted and didn't blame men for my life's problems. In all, I think it was pretty crappy to say, I'm black, so I couldn't have done it! They're out to get me, these white people! It's gotten very old with white people. I hear it all the time. I don't what color you are and I don't care, but you don't see white women out there crying like blacks cry. Just do something about it. Women couldn't get jobs that white men can get and still can't to this day. White women are also looked at like they aren't smart enough for the job or wouldn't be able to do it as well as a man could. You don't see women demanding to be put in more lead roles on major networks or in more movies in Hollywood. It's just like everytime you turn around, what next? They have all these young black kids that are rude as hell. The way they are being raised, the majority of them, in this country is a joke. The nasty street talk they speak, it's just about time that the adults in their community start taking a look at black youth and try to encourage them to get an education and talk like their intelligent, not that stupid slang they speak , then demand it is accepted by everyone. That's just not real life.. Then they wonder why they don't get hired. The boss where I worked, turned a black girl down because he said he couldn't even barely understand her. She was applying for a receptionist job. So, they want what they want but they are not willing to change things about themselves. That's just civlization, in this world you are expected to have manners and social curtousys. They don't behave like that unless they are educated. and for the most part most of them aren't. It's getting old for me too. I feel like telling them, just put your work gloves on and bust your ass. Nobody gives you breaks in this world. That's just the way it goes, so if you gotta fight harder and longer than a man would if you're a woman, then that 's what it takes. Sorry, I probably lost you there, but I am tired of the whining they're doing. And the fact that the sole reason OJ got off was because his skin is about 5 times darker than mine is Get back to me on why it turned into a case about who did their job wrong and who did theirs right. FRUSTRATING!


Thanks Bob!
Hey, do you like Rush Limbaugh? Just wondering!

You know what .. I used to like Rush Limbaugh .. cause he was entertaining. That's what he is .. an entertainer. However ... one sidedness is not my forte' ... Rush is a one way guy and I prefer to keep dancing .. sometimes the guys on the right appear right about something .. to me .. sometimes the guys on the left ( the girls too of course if yo'er aloud to say girl in public without getting stoned ~ ) My forte' is I wish these people would get together .. all people .. find a way to treat each other well .. consider how can I make my opinion work for the other guy as well ... course that's sheer lunacy in the practical world. Sorry, I still feel that way.

Just Say Y !!!

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