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Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 22:50:16 -0500
To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
Subject: Chuck's Big Mistake

Grodin & Geraldo disgust me. They both seem obsessed w/ OJ. Whether OJ committed these murders or not, the "Justice System " has has found him "not guilty". Is there a reason behind this continous attack. Geraldo has become personally involved because he of his relationship w/ Denise. Professor Alan pissed Chuck off.. He made the comment" read the book". Chuck knew NOTHING about the case at that time. Since he has read all the "anti" OJ books. He is challenging Don O. , head of programming to shut him up so he can sue . My theory.

SoCô¿ôL Bob

O.K. I simply can't keep quiet anymore :)
You must have been watching tonight ???
Jerry Cowboy .... Gloria :) etc. etc. (sic)

I thought maybe The Country Lawyer was going to step up to the plate when he said .. can I say something from my heart ...

I thought he was going to say ..."You know something ... Charles Grodin ... I don't know where you and CNBC and obviously an ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE ... who broadcast to millions of people daily ... GET OFF .... DECIDING OJ Simpson is GUILTY."


O.K. ... So you got me started ..... there he is ... sitting across from Faye Resnick ... ( O.K Lord ... I forgive her ... I forgive everybody ... it has nothing to do with whether it isn't O.K. for Faye Resnick To Snort or Not To Snort ... either way ... that's O.K. with me ) and there she is ... How does it get decided that Faye Resnick has acquired some wisdom to go about pontificating with the Cowboy's pitiful raising of the race thing again .... or any of the other .... what is it that when you put it in a computer it don't work so good ???

Can we get you folks a bag ???

SoCô¿ôL ???

Here's an additional EMail I sent to CNBC.
From: SoCô¿ôL Bob
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Subject: Charles Grodin ...

It strikes me that the content located at:

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SoCô¿ôL Comments on O.J. Simpson
Who The Hell is Charles Grodin?

might be extremely interesting to the producers and participants in the Charles Grodin show ....

"SoCô¿ôL" Bob might even make a "unique" guest ... ONLINE or off ...for Mr. Grodin, his "monologue" and/or his "content."

Grodin on the Well ???
Grodin Tapes
Grodin Is Out of Control !!!
Lonely Guy
Movers and Shakers

It is a part of SoCô¿ôL "The Bull's" "philosophy," to make the maximum effort to be POSITIVE. That's one form of "Bull" .... there are others. Yet, there is a particular activity that has been engaged in by Charles Grodin, that concerns me.

For a long time, Charles Grodin, seen daily on CNBC, had not engaged much in conversation about O.J. Simpson. Geraldo Rivera LIVE, the show that immediately proceeds Grodin, has daily and regularly devoted most of their entire show to "discussion" of the O.J. Simpson case. Indeed, they might as well call it the O.J. Simpson Show. It is REMARKABLE in itself, that a television show should take it upon itself to "inform" the public of the daily details of an unfolding legal "drama," pretty much confirming that by the very nature of their covering these events, they have guaranteed that the "events" will be a legal "drama," ignoring the fact that at this point this is, first and foremost, a legal fact involving a limited number of parties, each of whom has specific and individual legal rights.

Charles Grodin and his 60 minute talk show, have now likewise entered into the fray .... spending many of their entire ... or nearly entire ... broadcasts ... "talking about" O.J. Simpson. Grodin ... has been unequivocal in expressing his opinion ... backed he says ... by the facts ... as he has access to them ... that O.J. Simpson is GUILTY .... A LIAR .... and whatever more needs to be amplified to continue to express this view ... no matter how long it takes.

When and who appointed Charles Grodin as "legal counsel," judge and jury on these matters? What unique qualifications and source of information does Charles Grodin have, that he should presume to broadcast to the American people, and those abroad, that despite the declaration of a legally constituted jury that O.J. Simpson is not guilty of the dual crimes of killing Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, that Charles Grodin KNOWS otherwise?

Are you really SoCô¿ôL with this America?

Are you really "SoCô¿ôL" with the idea that a television commentator, a television station, a newspaper, a magazine, an INTERNET Web site, a public broadcasting station .... YOU ... shall become the pronounced authority on justice? murder? legal status? guilt or innocence?

What then shall be the legal status "not guilty?" What shall it mean ... due process? Which case ... which set of facts ... which TV host shall preside ... instead of the system we "supposedly" hold so dear?

Is it an acceptable notion that every mile we walk along that path .... we walk ourselves? That our "cowpies" don't stink ... but that others do ... and we are sufficiently wise to say so? Unfortunately .... others have chosen US ... we ... you ... me ... to persecute under a different standard ... one of their own making ... Who among us shall qualify for this new "judgeship?" It shall be a crime to violate Charles Grodins LAW ... God Forbid we should make it illegal to be Charles Grodin .... or SoCô¿ôL Bob ... or YOU !!!

So ... how does SoCô¿ôL turn Charles Grodin's actions into a positive? I guess one could praise him for his emotion, for his consistently overcoming the "fear" of expressing his views. With this demonstrated strength, Charles Grodin could make a marvelous spokesperson for the rights of those whose behavior is daily being assaulted as unacceptable or "less righteous." If he could make the small change in his perception that society will be creating the opportunity for less pain by encouraging behavior that does not inflict the consequences of one persons views on another. There are those who would say that the crime of "self righteousness" is the Number One Crime of them all.

But then, I guess some people would say that about "SoCô¿ôL Bob"

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