A small pebble fell in the OJ Simpson pond this week, as Christopher Darden did the obligatory visits to all the T.V.Shows promoting his new book "In Contempt."

In a series of television appearances we learned that

Christopher Darden is extremely loved by the Goldman's and the Browns. We suspect that's a good thing.

That the media ... despite numerous appearances ... was extremely inclined NOT TO ASK HIM WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO THE BLACK HOLE THEORY OF THE DEFENSE ....

They pussyfooted around his marvelous "emotionalism," his sensitivity, his "the gloves fit," they even pussyfooted around whether he slept with Marcia Clark ... perhaps to their credit ... but ... for whatever reason, they chose to remain mostly "unsubstantive" in their interviews.

He may be right in his "absolute conviction" that O.J. did it ... the question is ... can he prove it?

This will only keep us busy for a little while ... while we wait for Marcia Clark's book ... and her similarly obligatory appearances.

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