January 15, 1998
OJ Appears on ESPN .. and SoCoOL OJ On ESPN 6PM EST
We're getting goood at this now ... ... The full context of the hour on Up Close with Christ Berman and OJ Simpson ... was on the net ... text, pictures, sound and video ... before the show aired the second time ... 6 hours later.

Simpson Mansion Demolished


Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 07:31:22 -0800

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: Genises@netcom.ca (Exodus)

Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by Exodus (Genises@netcom.ca)

body: Just like yourself, I've followed the O.J. trial and the truth is clear. Simply, that no man/woman alive can ever reconcile it possible that one man (superman included) could kill two healthy humans in no time de-psyche from the gross animal instinct(rage) clean-up with barely leaving a trace and calmly get out of town. It is impossible, impossible, impossible.

To believe otherwise shows a lack of true individual spiritual liberty.It is sad that so many people have committed such a grevious sin to their soul by going against what is self evident truth. And by believing this fallacy they will all go to their graves without ever experiencing spiritual bliss This thing will not go away until the killers are caught or those who believe the impossible bow to the truth. It will torment your souls day in day out trying to figure out how did he do it . It is impossible Friend.

In the mean time the unanswered question remains why did Blacks think one way and Whites the other? It is obvious, one side is ???

May Ron and Nicole rest in peace.

P.S. I don't expect a reply to this letter because the truth hurts and it cannot be argued away. This is God's truth versus man's opinion. INNOCENT. INNOCENT. INNOCENT

What a great piece of EMail !!! Thank you so much for sending it to me ...

Yes ... I have watched with interest, like so many others, and happily struggled with the many nuances of asking the question ... what is the truth ???

That's what the caring among us must care the most about ... isn't it? Isn't that why we care so much about this man, O.J. Simpson ?

There are certainly a lot of truths for each of us .. in meeting this man ... in knowing whatever it is that we do about his life ... and his ongoing experiences.

He's not gone ... he's still there ... living, as he describes, his life the best that he can ... and continuing ... as he describes ... to do the best he can.

I'm always AMAZED at the ability of any one of us .... to in the course of carrying on our own dialogue ... to describe that we know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINLY whether he did or did not commit this crime.

If we are extremely wise, or basically very simple ... we should perhaps want to know TWO THINGS ... did he do it in fact ... and did he do it at law.

My opinion of the later is PROFOUND ... and INCONTROVERTABLE !!!

In the United States of America ... O.J. Simpson is as described ... by him.

He is innocent of this crime. He is not guilty ... he is innocent ... and that question can never be asked again.

If ... those of us who choose to 'profess' .... choose to 'profess' an abiding concern for American Justice ... then our concern should be to learn more about that justice ... by supporting it ...

It is INCONTROVERTABLE ... that Americans ... to this point ... profess to believe their is a profound human value in that a man ... or a woman ... of whatever race, creed, nationality or religion ... is INNOCENT ... until proven guilty in a court of law.

You want to change that ??? I encourage anyone who does so to proceed with extreme caution ... I would recommend don't. There is a value contained in this principle of justice that is of benefit to us all.

My opinion of the former ... whether he did indeed commit this act ... is not so bold .... I don't know. Don't know for sure, how I could, except, that I would be interested in finding out.

I would be interested in knowing, in whatever way that it is possible, for certain, whether OJ Simpson did alone and or with somebody, commit the brutal act of knifing to death two human beings.

I will tell you that I also believe that the answer to this quesiton ... in anyone and or in everyone's mind ... is of prime importance.

Is it possible, that this man who speaks of God ... who speaks with experience of reading the Bible ... of his mother ... of his kids .... who speaks of golf, and people, and Hertz ... and relationships ... whom himself has almost always been spoken of in the most glowing of terms .... Is it possible that this same man ... without any similar experience that we know of ... could ... one evening, in the space of a few short hours, commit this act without seemingly ever being seen, and then return, first to a life of extreme depression, then to a life of confinement in prison, then back to a world of raising his kids and being declared as an extreme paraia .... including people who declare with loud speakers ... "it is absolutely certain that he did ... and anybody who believes that he didn't, is a fool."

Is that the truth ? Isn't it amazing ?

And, if it is ??? And, if, as these same sort of polls and readings indicate, this same American public who believes in very high numbers (77% among white folks 25% among black ??? ) that OJ Simpson is guilty of this crime also believes ( 67%) that there is a God who influences things .... how will they we react ???

It seems to me ... that if we profess a belief in God ... and a belief that we should act as much as possible ... in his image ... with his influence ... in His way .. then the only tool that I know of that is appropriate ... is one of love and forgiveness. It is, as a matter of fact, the only way I know of ... that promises future results. And, as far as I know, it's OK to forgive ... and continue to pursue the truth ....

Thanks so much for your EMail ... it will be published immediately.

submitted by bob gassel (bgassel@ab-f1.umd.umich.edu)

Charles, I watched your show last night (10/8/96) and I respect you and believe you are a compassionate person. How- ever I would like to pour some common sense into your brain sometimes to bring you up to speed in reality.

First I was shocked at your opening endorsement for Bill Clinton. You announced that you didn't want to influence peoples vote, but Dole likes the welfare bill and only Clinton wants to fix it. Charles, I heard you complain about someme of Senator Dole's comments during the debate, however, it is outrageous for you to make this statement. Please stick to voicing your opinions, and let's stop telling people how to vote because that is what you you did.

On the welfare bill. I think you should give some thought to the process that currently distributes the $$ in the name of compassion. For every tax $ collected for welfare, how much gets back to the poor? Maybe $.40 on a dollar? What % goes out from United Way for example, $.85? Who is doing a better job? Where is the most bureaucracy? If the federal govt. were a business they would be a failure. People are tired of their $$ going to a bottomless pit of waste. An opportunity to shift this program back closer to the people as presented by the Republicans should be applauded. Hopefully in the future we will be able to get tax dollars shifted to gift $$ so we can get all govt. agencies out of this business of assisting the poor. We as Americans will not allow the truly needy to starve or go without shelter. You must always remember, when you offer something for nothing the line gets awfully long, and more than the truly needy show up!

submitted by Pauly Ace (Kardashian Speaks!)

Interesting that Bobby K. has now come out and said he thinks OJ did it. The former football player's year out of jail has proven nothing to me.

See how far we've come. "In my day" Bobby Kennedy was Bobby K .... whoops ... that's me. Now Bobby K. is Bobby Kardashian.

submitted by LORRAINE NORMAN (stillmdw@terracom.net)

With all the blood evidence at Bundy, Rockingham, in the Bronco and on the victims, there is no doubt in my mind that O.J. did it. He got off because of the black jury and a group of slick attorneys. Also, an innocent person would not want to kill themselves or run away.

From: bfits@ix.netcom.com (ROBERT FITZPATRICK)
Subject: Charles Grodin/OJ
To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com

I would agree that all of the media hype over OJ is getting old.

Further, Charles Grodin is a deadpan comic actor not a great orator. I don't doubt his sincerety but the phrase "beating a dead horse" comes to mind. If Mr. Grodin must continue his crusade against OJ, for god's sake, stop the rambling monolouge and let the guests speak.

Everyone in North America has been bombarded with the facts of the case for over a year and and we all have our minds made up. The fallout of the OJ trial is far more important than the trial it's self;

  • Exposure of a legal system that favors the rich.
  • Lawyers who will smear the inocent and defame the dead to obtain an aquittal.
  • Whites who believe blacks will take care of their own in spite of the evidence. The rift between the races deepens.
  • Blacks who believe all whites care about is that OJ married a white woman.
  • Police who see themselves on the front lines of a no-mans land slandered by lawyers and hamstrung by by the courts and the legislature.

The OJ trial has driven a wedge of mistrust between the races that will take decades to repair.

Bob Fitzpatrick

Thanks Bob ...

You're input is much appreciated !!!

From: dreed@otherside.com (Donna Reed)
Subject: Grodin and Rivera

Thank God, I have finally found a place where there are OTHER intelligent human beings who think Grodin and Rivera are INDEED VERY BIASED about O. J. 's guilt and constantly report on things in a biased way. I am putting this page on my list of favorites.

I watched every minute of the criminal trial and saw alternative explanations and reasonable doubt in every piece of evidence put forth by the prosecution. I am not now, nor have never been an O. J. fan, or a fan of football.

It is now 1 am. and Charles is on with Victoria Toensing AGAIN. I am so sick of her I could literally puke. How can she now call herself a defense attorney. I'd rather be defended by Charles Manson. I'd probably get a better defense. She comments without .... whoops ... the rest got erased .

submitted by jose soplar (mazama@aloha.net)

Neither the guilt/innocence of Simpson, nor the death of two people are relevant here. Thsoe things were thrashed out in court, the verdict was innocent, and case closed. But now we are faced wityh a couple of egomaniacs trying to reverse the decision.

But a second set of vindictives are on the scene as well: Goldman & Co., who cry at the drop of a hat and want crucifiction, and the Brown parents looking for child custody. If either of these groups really believed he did it, why don't they get a gun and ...

I don't know what's missing here ... case by a couple of wannabes like Charles Grodin and Jose Rivera trying to hype their ratings by becoming full-time and on-going Simpson prosecutors. An aids-like pox on both their houses. They are right up there with the parasite on-scene "journalists."

From: "Daniel J. Green"
To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
Subject: Simpson

You would have to be lying, in denial, or just plain stupid to say O.J. Simpson was not guilty of the murders!

When in doubt, block out everything and look at what cannot be disputed. Just look at the evidence! O.J.'s blood is at the crime scene! What else does it take?

It couldn't have been planted there that night. They didn't get O.J.'s blood sample yet!

There is a history of abuse! Blood evidence! Shoe prints! (Italian made shoes that O.J. said he would never wear but yet a photo is found of him wearing them!)

How many photos ???

O.J. Simpson is a pathological liar who probably at this point believes he didn't commit the murders.

The unfortunate part is that further walls are being built between blacks and whites because the RACE CARD was played by the defense team.

Why play race games?

Don't people see how using race hurts the plight of people who are, in fact, really victims of racism!

Compare this to a woman who would claim she was raped when she wasn't. This hurts all victims!

Believe me! I was an O.J. Simpson fan before all this.


To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: (Mark)

Anyone who still harbors even the most minute thought that OJ is not the brutal, cold-blooded murderer of Nicole and Ron is a brain-dead, dim-witted, simpleton. Period. There is no reason or excuse for you to be consuming valuable oxygen on this earth. Please go visit Dr. Kevorkian.

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: alfraoof1@aol.com (alfred roof)

FRAMED! By the LAPD as Benny Powell and Clarance Chance were framed. These two American Citizens of African descent spent 17 years on death row for a crime they did not commit simply because LAPD officers, Det. HULL & Knott planted false evidence, intimidated wittnesses, lied uner oath on the witness stand , hid exculpitory evidence and knew all along that these two men were not quilty of this crime.

Some LA Policemen are highly skilled in the art of framing innocent people and convincing jurors of thier guilt.

Thanks to attys. Danny Tartalow, Lawrence Willson and Sandra Smith for helping to clear the names of these innocent men and in winning thier law suit against the city of LA in 1993 for 3.5 Million dollars.

The LA police and thier accomplices are well skilled in the art of framing innocent people

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: (Donna H.)

How many times will O.J. change his story now he says he never hit or abused his wife at any time. In fact he states he was the one who was abused. This man has used the racial unrest of these himself once and got away with murder. I hope we will not allow this to happen again ! Black or White this is a guilty man. Let there be not mistake of that.

To: mwolfe@ns2.synapse.or.jp
Subject: Re: Go Charles Grodin!!!

Hey There,

I just stumbled upon your web site and read your piece about Grodin's condemnation of Simpson. I very much disagree with your ascertion that it is not the media's place to publically dispute the findings of the court system. It is OBVIOUS beyond any doubt that Simpson brutely murdered those two people. It is also glaringly obvious that he was exhonerated because of the color of his skin.

How often did the opposite occur in the South earlier this century? How often was a Black man convicted of a crime that he obviously did not commit because of the bias of a jury, and a racist society?

Ever read "To Kill a Mockingbird?" This occurs far less today because it was made public by journalists and outraged the majority of society who I believe are good non-racist people. For responsible journalists to not take issue with Simpson, and this incredible miscarriage of the American Justice system would be the same as ignoring the plight of those who were persecuted because of their race.

Thanks Marc ...

For your response to SoCoOL and Who The Hell is Charles Grodin ???

I guess I'm wondering if this is the way we want to conduct our trials? O.J. Simpson has been featured every night on television for two plus years. The predominant view expressed by CNBC is that O.J. did it .... as demonstrated most emphatically by Mr. Grodin.

OJ has been prounounced GUILTY by CNBC.

Is this what you recommend ???

From: "Jim Leveroni" To: Subject: Alan Dershowitz

A week or so ago, on The Charles Grodin Show, Grodin quoted Dershowitz as having said something in the 1980's regarding the fact that truth was not what was sought in the courtroom. I don't remember the particulars and have gotten no response from cnbc.com, but am seeking this exact quote and date it was said.

Any leads?

Truth seekers check out "Truth Is . . ." at http://www.capital.net/users/jel/

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: annoyomous@thunder.sonic.net (Lisa Gall)

First let me start off by saying, after reading your remarks to "Kate Anderson" RE: her annoyomous EMAIL, does it matter? your getting a response... So don't bother remarking on my email address... may send it later.

First I though O.J. was innocent, I really believed with my gut, that he could not, and would not commit such a hainous crime. Well in the months that have followed, my beliefs have changed. There are too many facts pointing right in the direction of O.J. EG: The blood evidence, this alone should have put him in jail, but the defense worked so hard on confusing the jurors about the blood and probability of contaminatio it actually sounded believable.

But, after probing it more deeply and coming to the realization that blood evidence does not lie, that alone should have convicted him. DNA is DNA, no matter how you want to look at it. They can extract DNA from bodies that are ancient and still come up with a match. So, what is the problem with O.J.'s DNA, his is different, it accounts for nothing?

I really believe that O.J. does believe he IS innocent. From a pshchological standpoint, I think O.J. did commit the murders, possibly did not plan to, went there just to scare Nicole, but reacted when he saw another man there. Then he developed selective amnesia? A mental block?, after the murders were committed. I think his whole body went into some type of shock and he truly thought he was innocent. I cant understand why he was never subjected to any thorough pshchological tests? I also think it is possible now, that he is remembering and that is why he has the dreams.

The fact that OJ never sought out the real killer is another reason I feel he IS guilty. Anyone with his money/power would be doing everthing in their power to find the real killer/killers if he truly was innocent, and for the sake of their children. OJ is in denial, the data/facts are overwhelming and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that he did commit these crimes. This man is in need of psychological help, and its too bad we have the double jeporday standard... because if he is found guilty of this crime in civil court, payment will never bring back Nicole and Ron, although jail time wont either, but at least he would be paying from his heart then, and the out of his wallet. I guess the ultimate judge will be god someday?

So to sum it up, the glove, the cap with his hair, fibers, blood of all 3 in Bronco, blood on his walkway, his home, three different explanations about the night the limo driver came??? disguise, money, passport in Cowlings Bronco??? And so far his answer to all this in civil court is I dont know, never, I wouldnt? Ha, this man needs help, and the money being wasted when everyone knows he did it, and is sick is truly sickening!! Lisa Gall

Hurrah for Charles Grodin.

I don't know where you are coming from, [your web page is confusing], but that fucking O.J. is guilty as hell.

I want Charles to take on Charles Keating too.

From: LuvLeee1@aol.com
Subject: Chuck's Big Mistake

Grodin & Geraldo disgust me. They both seem obsessed w/ OJ. Whether OJ committed these murders or not, the "Justice System " has has found him "not guilty". Is there a reason behind this continous attack. Geraldo has become personally involved because he of his relationship w/ Denise. Professor Alan pissed Chuck off.. He made the comment" read the book". Chuck knew NOTHING about the case at that time. Since he has read all the "anti" OJ books. He is challenging Don O. , head of programming to shut him up so he can sue . My theory.

From: Ralph Cooper
Subject: SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE ... Who The Hell Is Charles Grodin?

I hope Charles Grodin gets to read this. Please send a copy to his 12/08/96 guest.

I believe O.J. is not guilty. My feelings are based on reasonable doubt. Several items were not clearified, by the prosecution, to my satisfaction. Most of which have to due with the conduction of the police investigation. If you want to convince me that O.J. is guilty then prove it.

  • 1. What happened to the missing 2 ml of blood? The nurse responible for drawing blood from O.J. initialy stated that 8 ml of blood was taken. The defense's investigation showed that only about 6 ml of this blood had been accounted for. The nurse's response to this was that he (the nurse) was mistaken and that only 6 ml was drawn from O.J. - I don't by that.
  • 2. No one could give any good reason why a detective working on this case would take O.J.'s blood (The 8 ml that was drawn from O.J. at the same location were the blood is to be stored by the police) to offsite locations under investigation. - Smells fishy. 8 ml drawn, 6 ml accounted for, opportunity to plant evidence.
  • 3. Why would an investigating detective hold evidence (O.J.'s shoes) in his personal possession for more than 24 hours. - Again, smells fishy.
  • 4. The gloves did not fit. The latex gloves worn by O.J. when trying on the "bloody gloves" would not have made much difference, if any. The latex gloves a very thin and fit very tightly against the skin.
  • 5. Climbing the wall at O.J.'s home. If you actually believe that Furman and the others did not consider O.J. a suspect at this time, knowing of the abusive relationship between O.J. and Nicole, then you are a bigger fool than I thought you to be. In any case, these officers lied because they felt that O.J. was guilty. They wanted to search his place as soon as possible to see what they could find. - These officers showed themselves to be liars. They showed that they are willing to break the rules when they feel it is necessary. This can never be tolerated. In the past and at the present many officers have shown themselves to be bias in one shape or another, whether it be racial or not. For this reason there should zero tolerance for officers that break the rules.

Race does play an issue in this case because of the conduct of the officers. Several of there actions were not standard operating procedures. Some of which were violations of O.J.'s rights (entering and searching his home without a warrant). White America has a problem with accepting the fact that many police officers have negative pre-conceived ideas about Black people. The bigger problem is that these officers allow these "ideas" to influence how they treat Black people. These officers type-cast or as they say "profile" certain Black people as potential criminals. Some suspicious Blacks are: those present in affluent neighborhoods at dark (and during the day), those driving nice cars, those listening to rap, those who dress in hip-hop styles, etc. the list can go on.

One thing that really bugs the hell out of me is the Rodney King case. Here there is actual video footage of officers brutally beating a man. These officers are freed and the only response given by White America is that the "Justice System" found the officers to be not guilty and we must respect that decision. Why can't the same be said about the O.J. case?

Charles Grodin, if you a man seeking justice for what you call to be a tragic injustice then where were you when the court system made a mockery of the justice system with the Rodney King verdict? Was your silence an indication of your support for this verdict? Are you one of the many racist people in this country that felt that those officers could have had justification for the brutal beating they have subjected Rodney King to? Or are you one of those millions of people who have been (and still are) willing to look the other way when Blacks are mistreated in this country. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE in the O.J. case and the Rodney King case? WHY, WHY, WHY was there no uproar by White America when the Rodney King verdict came in.

From: CNBC Information

Your comments are important to us. We have forwarded them to the appropriate producers, who will consider them for future programming. We appreciate your interest in CNBC.

Because e-mail can be altered electronically, the integrity of this communication cannot be guaranteed.

From: colonel
Send reply to: cia@xmission.com
To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
Subject: YOU&PIGS.

Simpson is a sonof abitch!a pig as well you appear to be,or are you one of his bro's? Hewill more then likly molest his daughter, after all he killed his wife and Ron.But then you ass holes will come to the...'s ,aid.I hope you get in touch with the rest of the world READ MY LIPS HE KILLED THEM..It doesn't matter much what any one says about him Grodin ,Heraldo .me. he is scumm SHIT, a killer,

From: colonel
Send reply to: cia@xmission.com
To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
Subject: P.S.

Or perhaps your busy with your "ebonics" class?

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: aaronm@ma.ultranet.com (nikole)

There is no justice to the so called justice system, it is pitiful. Even though oj is found to be not gulity what kind of a system would send those kids back to a man who is filled with such rage? Listen carefully to the 911 call. The problem with our justice system is that they do not understand any aspects of domestic violence most policeofficers have no clue his crime...

Thought... if dna is so controvesial.. which its not.. then that must make all paternity cases unproven, and all genetic markers for fatal disease false to

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: g_dunlap@crd.fgs.com (glenn)

How can people be so blinded that they do not see Simpson for the murderer he is? "Yes" some of the evidence was handled sloppily, "yes" mark Furhman is a racist, and "yes" on many other things, but none of these alter the fact that Simpson did kill these two people.

He admitted (on his return from Chicago) that he did cut himself before leaving for Chicago. When asked "How?" he responds, "I don't know. You guys never tell me anything. I don't know, man." Bizarre is about the only description for this response. How he cut himself? Just plain weird. Sounds like a panicky (read guilty) response.

Oh, and what about the 30 some odd pictures of Simpson wearing the exact same type of shoes that left the bloody prints at the murder scene? OJ & co. tried to explain the same clothes, shoes, etc. at the same place on the same day, the defense has absolutely nothing defensible to say. They can't find any "expert" witness in the world who is willing to prostitute themselves in the face of this kind of evidence.

Anyway, the evidence just goes on and on and on ...

People, wake up and see this man for what he is. A brutal murderer.

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: Lisa.Stetson@thunder.sonic.net (Stetson@TheRamp.Net)

I am writing because I am totally sickened by the fact that a obvious killer is on the loose! I still am in total disbelief that Oj Simpson the killer of 2 good humans, is able to regain custody of his children! I am also wondering, how on earth about her! It is obvious , HE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To: SoCooLBob@Yahoo.Com
From: mfraser@inforamp.net (Mfraser)

He is innocent.

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