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SoCooL had no intention to attempt to update these pages. SoCooL.Com was first created around the time of this famous incident. These pages were actively created at that time. They remain, primarily because of their historical significance. However, as EVERYONE KNOWS time does march on. 10/04/08

I could NEVER do that with these gloves on?

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While not intended to be a legal treatise on the State of O.J. .... we thought perhaps you might enjoy our commentary on the state of the O.J. Simpson Case ... 8/31/95.

Let's see now ... we've just been treated to the Fuhrman Tapes .... the "N" word utterances ... etc. etc. Shall we presume that Judge Ito will certainly have to allow ... at least that portion of the tapes ... into the record ... in front of the jury. Why? Because Fuhrman himself ... stated unequivocally ... on the stand ... that he had not used that word ... and ... by the very nature of the questioning ... it was a material fact the defense was attempting to solicit. Are you as sure of that as you are that you didn't plant the glove? Yes .... Score one major point ... because of legal questioning correctly done ... for the otherwise maligned Mr. Bailey.

Follow carefully .... the judge will correctly instruct the jury ... that when a witness' credibility has been successfully assailed on one critical point ... they are entitle to treat the rest of that witnesses testimony ... as though it were similarly untrue ... unreliable ... etc.etc. That means that every thing that Fuhrman testified to is similarly lacking in credibility.

The prosecution will contend ... that there is enough other evidence to convict ... even if you throw out everything Fuhrman has testified to. Really !!!

Consider just one transaction involving Fuhrman and Detective Van Atter. Detective Van Atter indicated he was in charge at O.J.'s residence at Rockingham .... that they "feared" that someone could be bleeding ... dying ... etc. in there ... and that He instructed Fuhrman to go over the fence. Assuming that Judge Ito allows in just one comment ... on tape ... from Fuhrman ... about the collusion between officers ... can you justifiably believe that scenario. Fuhrman is there ... we're throwing out his participation .... can't we reasonably DOUBT that scenario that got them into Rockingham ... are we beginning to be unable to believe ANYTHING they say.

Add to this just one last transaction. Do you recall Dennis Fong, the person in charge of processing the crime scenes. Do you recall his testimony that he received the blood vial from Detective Van Atter .... that contained the blood sample taken from O.J.'s arm. Do you recall that that blood sample took some sort of circuitous route to arrive in Dennis Fong's hands ... and ... that he didn't know what he did with it .... was it in the paper bag .... was it in the truck .... where was it ???? Now how much credibility did you want to assign to Detective Van Atter's credibility in that transaction. To Dennis Fong ???

How we doing on the notion of REASONABLE DOUBT ???? Which KEY FACTS do we have LEFT ... to ESTABLISH ... BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT ... that O.J. did it?

As always ... your response ... should you choose to have one ... will be greatly appreciated ... and quite possibly published.

You may offer your Testimony by replying to SoCoOL's EMail. To read more on the O.J. Simpson Case ... in incredible detail ... and extremely well designed ... we refer you to the TABLOID Section of SoCoOL's ONLINE Newspaper .... The Good Times


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So, in other words, O.J. Simpson is free.

The O.J. Verdict Home Page

And what will be the most appropriate Ending ??? There will be no immediate ... or long range end to this drama. O.J. Simpson lives ... a free man ... as do his children ... his friends and relatives ... and his audience. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman do not. How Come ??? What is the truth beyond their untimely and brutal death ??? Do we know ??? Will we ever ???

The one thing we do know is that millions of people remain divided in their "beliefs." How do we clear that up ??? Do we need to "agree" on the truth of what happened to Ron and Nicole ??? If we really want to progress toward that truth ... then the proposed OJ Pay-Per-View Extravaganza should include ... Marcia Clark ... Christopher Darden ... Ronald Goldman's father ... and sister ... Nicole Brown Simpson's sisters and friends, and the jury. Is that what we want? The TRUTH?

O.J. Simpson Re-Visited

Some things touch everyone

It took about 72 hours for the Internet to print accident photos of Princess Diana.

Top 10 Reasons Why O.J. Didn't Do It

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