The Awesome Site Award

Not every site can be awarded The Cow Pie Awesome Site Award. While many are worthy ... few can be chosen. The following sites have been nominated ... have been reviewed ... and have been deemed ...
Worthy of Consideration
An Awesome Award ... in and of itself.
Homer Meets SoCoOL
"The Bull"

Greg's Wonderful World of Really Boring Stuff
The Positive Approach !!!This page may take a long time to load ...
so click on it on the way to the refrigerator.

Film Scouts
Why?: It has Hollywood film clips, movie trailers, reviews, commentary, celebrity interviews and insider information. Puts you on the scene at movei premieres and film events worldwide ... Mayra Langdon Reisman
Why?: It's cool. It's local. It's got good (and optimised) graphics. & I can smell the cow pies from here ... Gary Wium (
UFO Folklore
Why?: This is a new UFO site with a twist. (Shaken, not stirred) This site provides fresh, new UFO information in a highly visual and entertaining manner. Great new features including a UFO Art Gallery, Current News, Great Links and More ... Dan Geib (
The Godfather Trilogy .... A Site You Can't Refuse
You wanna sleep with the fishes? Mr. Corteleone insists that you consider The Godfather Trilogy site for your SoCool award. The Don thinks it's cool -- so, paisan, if you don't want to wake up to a horse's head by your side...
Grazie e salute i miei amici!
... Geoff Malta (

P.S. I never threatened you, right? RIGHT? ;)

Escape Velocity
Why?: I (humblest grrrl web designer ever) made it! It's pretty! It contains subversive ideas and a massive, useful link list! Cyber criticism by obscure author that's neither Libertarian nor Luddite! Please, pretty please ??? Cathy Davies (
Dan's World of Windows 95
Why?: The lastest and greatest Windows 95 shareware and freeware on the NET!! Download from hundreds of files to enhance your Windows 95 machine ... Dan Piparo (
The Bones
Why?: After all, there are cow pies in the after life !!! Wendell Blankenship (
Wendell ... You are a very sick person, but it takes one to know one. ; ^ ) ... "The Doctor"
Generation War
Why?: The world's first made-on-a-pc movie is now a weekly scifi series on the web. Action and adventure in a 2025 cyberpunk future ... Phil Flora (
Fade To Black Online Comedy Magazine
Why?: A very funny creative site. By far the most creative and entertaining site on the web ... Michael Aronov (
INFRAREALISM - Paintings by Stanislaw Kors
Why?: You will be bewitched by the highly unique and thought provoking artworks found there ... Pawel Kors ( ... Awesome artwork!
"I'm part of creation - what I do is the consequence of existence." – Stanislaw Kors
Graphic Efx
Why?: Publishing and production house for multimedia, offers a balanced approach to construction of World Wide Web projects. We do cool things like VRML, animation etc.- with just a touch of corn [we don't take ourselves too seriously]. Besides a Cowpie award would be our most prized possession !!! Bill Tillman (

and ...The Current Winner Is !!!

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WWW Bike Repair Shop ... Absolutely !!!
Why?: It is the most informative bike related site on the web! It's the only site with Super duper repair manuals... not technical ... (I can't understand manuals) ... but manuals anyone can use to repair their own bike. I've been repairing and telling people how to repair their own bikes for four years now as a professional bike mechanic ... and I do Web Pages. Patrick Bailey ( ... with animations !!!
Joe Boxer
Now ... I found this page "surfin" ... or on the recommendation of some newsletter ... and ... how else can I say ... I was terribly IMPRESSED. First ... it's about UNDERWEAR ... it's presence and lack thereof .... it's got games .... cleverly and simply done .... AND ... it's got THE WORLD's LARGEST EMAIL .... which you can send and be seen in lights on TIME SQUARE. So ...
There are two ways to enter Joe's Boxer from SoCoOL
(1) SoCoOL with graphics ....
(2) SoCoOL with graphics and midi sound

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