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Not every site can be awarded The Cow Pie Awesome Site Award. While many are worthy ... few can be chosen. The following sites have been nominated ... have been reviewed ... and have been deemed ...
Worthy of Consideration
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6 Easy Steps To Learn How To Juggle
The 80's Server
Why?: There is no decade more worthy than the 1980s... and any site that attempts to cover it thoroughly deserves the award. Ken Wilson ... did you make this one Ken?
International Language Development
Why?: International Language Development provides interactive language lessons in French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish on the Internet. It is a nice way to learn a new language on your computer.This site features six languages and thousands of sounds. There is technical support and a lot of information ... Bruno Gautier
The Malayan Realms
Why?: It presents something exciting, in an exciting way ... it presents something unique, in a unique way ... it presents the Filipino magical culture as never before seen, as should be seen by the world ... Jason A. Banico
Sci-Fi Channel ... The Dominion
This has to be a Cow Pie ... high praise from The Doctor
Music Network
Why?: just darn professional ... franki
SiamGuide to Thailand
Why?: It has been designed in the world's most traffic jam (Bangkok). I invested so far almost 2000 hours in the design and we include whatever we could. (hotels, tour companies, job area, ngo's etc.) ... Mike Carter
Visit the skeletal remains of a Cold War Weapon
Unique Opportunity to Participate In An Illegal Act
Alpha Sports Games ... You Could Win $10,000
What boys become after they graduate from The Boy Scouts
For the punchline ...
The Java Boutique
Why?: It's full of applets--Java applets that can be viewed with Netscape Navigator 2.0b. There are more than 60 in all, and they come with instructions for including them on other sites ... Jason Gurney
Eddie's Place
Why?: Cause it's Fun !!! ... Eddie
c00kie's CyberNiche
Why?: It deserving because of it's original stuff! :) So many sites these days have nothing new, but I do! Gimme a chance, eh? Thanks! ... c00kie ...
The Pie Page
Why?: This is a ploy for some shameless advertising; however, unlike 99.9% of sites on the WWW, my page is not a huge tribute to my ego. It contains real, honest, useful information for anyone interested in making home made pies. It includes a step-by-step tutorial for making great crusts ... Brian Black
Club Salsa
It fits right in ... Jane Forax
Your Mom
Why?: You should always consider Your Mom
Ryan;s Lion
Why?: An unofficial site that is devoted to to the movie "The Lion King". This site has many resources that are not available anywhere else on the net; such as concept art, fan art, textual resources (the scripts, multilingual lyrics, essays, reviews, fan fiction, humor, parodies, and summaries), and the largest compilation of Lion King related links available ... Ryan McGinnis
Glen's Digital Den
Cause it's got so much stuff ... SoCoOL Bob

Welcome To Fraser Valley
The Current Winner Is !!!

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The Hits Just Keep On Coming

The Goofy Picture Show
Why?: Webpages are the vanity mirror of the Internet. Wayne Kessler
Conservatively Incorrect
Why?: Its a liberal site making fun of the Right, as such it has been put on various HATE PAGES OF THE WEEK listed between the NATIONAL ALLIANCE and the STORMFRONT! :) They can dish out fine but they sure cant take it well! rack jite
The Hedonistic Imperative
Huh?SoCoOL Bob
Zippy Strikes
Try this one out on your favorite Cowpie ... The Doctor
The Daily Buzz
Ya Gotta Love It !!!
CD CLUBSWhy?: The CDCLUBS WWW Page is a non-commercial site providing up-to-date information about getting the best deals from the direct mail CD Clubs available today ... Jason Hirschhorn
The Gaming Zone
See you in a while ..............
The One Stop mIRC Shop
... cause we know ya love it !!!
When East Meets West
Thank You Eliza Liao for your response to SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE ... and to the Infamous Cow Pie Awards ....We are very appreciative of your submission.

I confess, given the number of nominations and our own busy schedules ... we are not currently able to get at these nominations as quickly as we'd like ... INDEED ... we often don't look at the submission until it comes time for review. For some reason .... I suspect I know why ... I could not escape clicking on your site ... just to check it out. I'm sure it was the title EAST meets WEST. It's a part of what this World Wide Web is all about for us. The opportunity for different races and sexes and peoples to "touch" one another ... no matter where their from ... that really "mooooooves" us.

What a pleasure to see such a "beautiful site!!!" So unique .... so "East/Western" .... though I did not have a chance to review it all ... I couldn't help but "click" on your little story about FOOD ... and ... of course .... your marvelously done Horoscope "Clock" .... I'm sure The Doctor will have more to say ... not just about the beauty of the graphics ... but the "technique" ... so I'll leave that up to him .... Let me just say, again, Thank You, for your submission and for your work ... from ... SoCoOL "Rooster" Bob !!!

Paradigm Works
One of the great ways to get SoCoOL's ATTENTION is to give US an Award. How can one so wise not be Worthy of Consideration .... SoCoOL Bob
SoCoOL Bob Fell In Love With
Pinky's Doors ... Doors ...

So Crucify Me !!!

Zarak's Den
Truly an awe inspiring experience. Very well done .... The Doctor
The Refrigerator ... An Art Contest For Kids
SoCoOL likes kids !!!
Captain Tractor
Why?: The site is about a prairie band, who certainly know a lot about cow pies, who have gone wild with a bit of Celtic-influenced folk rock. They are a bit funny, too ... Genevieve Carolan ( ... Great Opening Graphic ... SoCoOL Bob
Sarajevo Tango
Not everything on the INTERNET is fun and games .... SoCoOL Bob
Splat !!! The Mouse
Alright ... so we're into animations ... SoCoOL Bob
And ... The Bog ... Better ONLINE Graffiti

These sites are clearly Worthy II

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