Comments About Windows '95

Microsoft introduced Windows '95 ... the "real version" ... August 24, 1995 ... another significant event in computer history that has come and will now continue.

We're sure there are a lot of comments from a lot of people ... and not all of them are good. At last glance, this elaborate page had disappeared, ooops ... no ... here it is ...
The Microsoft HATE Page

It's author continues to go to a lot of trouble to create it.

Chris is not the only one. Almost every "techie" I talk to has something bad to say about Microsoft ... and/or Bill Gates ... the systems not perfect ... he copied it ... OS/2 is better ... he's a liar ... etc. etc.

So in steps Bob, to defend and actually praise Bill Gates and continue to help Keep The Web Safe For Humanity.

(#1) I personally was extremely impressed by Bill Gates demeanor, presence, the way he carried and has carried himself in his column in our local paper, in his visits to various TV places, including Larry King Live and Nightline.
(#2) Windows '95 is certainly a LOT better than Windows 3.1.
(#3) The extra speed and power made available as a result of the 32 bit processing can't help but be appreciated.
(#4) The emphasis on ONLINE activities included in Windows '95, and in Bill Gates comments as he promotes it around the world are SoCoOL !!! Connecting these "puppies" to each other ... so systematically ... and what will become so habitually ... is a BOON to MANKIND ... assuming we simply click and send and learn how to use it.
(#5) The honesty of Gates recommending a new Windows '95 user find their own "friendly guhru" to help them deal with the problems presented by converting to Windows '95, shows an understanding and a part of the beauty of the process that one compute r user helps another and that because of these ONLINE features we are all capable of becoming better at being one anothers friends.
(#6) Don't forget to give Bill Gates the credit for orchestrating a company that has made it possible for a MASS STANDARD mentality to set in. That he is able to solicit so many other software companies to design for his operating systems, means that we all get the benefit of thousands and thousands of developers designing software we can CHOOSE and USE.

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