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But I'll defend to the death someone else's right to send it!

This document was created in 1995. Having had the experience of trashing 200 or more such emails a day, for a couple of years ... I don't know if my attitude is the same ô¿~

So here it is ... 2003. I know my attitude isn't the same. The facts of internet communication are TOTALLY DIFFERENT than anything I ever truthfully conceived. I remember the "excitement" of 1995. Getting 5 "hits" was a thrill when SoCô¿ôL began it's publishing career. Good principle could have led, did lead to one correct conclusion, one shouldn't adopt an unsolicited email strategy, BUT, I certainly failed to perceive the end result of duplication of negatives by "machine." I currently open my email each morning to 300 or so unsolicited emails. I "wash" those emails searching for the morsels that come from "friends" whose email address I recognize and want to "accept." Throughout the day I receive 100's more and occasional morsels from "friends." I don't read many of the "subjects" of these emails although it's impossible to avoid not seeing "some" of them. The jokes that result are many but I can't help but wonder the significance of daily receiving and blocking out 100's of "messages."

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Day 180 sumthin

Putting Junk Mail In Its Place

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Some things touch everyone

It took about 72 hours for the Internet to print accident photos of Princess Diana.

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