I really don't want to do this ... at least I'm very hesitant to do it. Like many people, I would prefer not to be involved in a CONTROVERSY. It's too much work, takes too much energy, with the end result that you simply place yourself in the position you think you ought to be in already ... without all the AGGRAVATION. Problem is .... somebody .... in a position of power or authority ... or someone attempting to exercise power and authority ... is

I'm publishing it ... because it is REAL LIFE ... it's happening .... NOW ... as we speak .... IF you are among those who think that the INTERNET ... and communication, etc. OUGHT TO BE ABLE to RESOLVE SUCH THINGS .... then subject:The Question is How? "We Can't Let These Yo-Yo's Control The INTERNET Massacre Movement" has been started ... not to say we YET know the Correct Solution .... but to say this is WHAT's HAPPENING and We're The Yo-Yo's. I'm willing to be enlightened on why I should have ANY PROBLEM performing the acts, the history of which is now documented here.

We Can't Let These Yo-Yo's
Take Over The INTERNET
Alta Vista Search ... UNSOLICITED EMAIL
Internet Sales Discussion List
Direct E-Mail Marketing Association
The Original SoCoOL Comments On Unsolicited EMail
Documentation of Current EMail Controversy
Text of Alice's Restaurant Massacree
I Don't Want To Hear It !!!
To Join "We Can't Let These Yo-Yo's Control The INTERNET Massacree Movement"

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