We're Offering A New 586 100 Mhz Computer System
In Exchange For Your Future Photo Business
January 11, 1996
A Cow Pie Is An AWESOME Site. Don't miss this latest "moving" award winner !
Cyber Patrol
You say that you OBJECT to PORNOGRAPHY on the INTERNET. You say your concerned about the Nazi's, the U-Bomber, Nuclear bombs, different religions, FREE Thought. We say take responsibility for yourself and your offspring. Leave the World Wide Web FREE to grow and prosper. God did ... didn't He/She? Still concerned ..... then get your very own copy of Cyber Patrol... and Please .... please don't tell me and my friends that the only way you can exercise your FREEDOM ... is by taking away MINE.
Happy New Year !!! The World Wide Web ... "She's A Changin'"
Talk Radio ... LIVE !!!
Get Ready For Shockwave
December 20, 1995 ... Not Just Local Anymore !!!
SoCoOL has not written a great deal specifically to the question of MASS UNSOLICITED EMAIL. However, because of the following NEWS STORY, we cannot avoid the subject anymore. The story features Dane Jasper, and sonic.net, an INTERNET PROVIDER we are proud to be associated with and who operates the system that broadcasts SoCoOL ... Sonoma County ONLINE to the World Wide Web. The story also features Philip Stills. Although SoCoOL has not yet met Philip, we treat him with equal respect and will be sending EMail along with an invitation to tell us whatever more he would like about the subject matter of the NEWS STORY and his INTERNET activities.
We happily solicit YOUR RESPONSEas well.
SoCoOL visitors respond to Unsolicited EMail.
December 18, 1995
"A MILLION Geek March"
24 Hours in Cyberspace... An Internet Photo Project
There's A NEW Addition To The Universal Search Tool

The INTERNET PROTESTS Congressional THREAT of Censhorship

Information and Technology Report

Bill Gates at COMDEX November 15, 1995
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